What Beginner Writers Need to Know – 5 Important Things

February 3, 2023

With the rise of self-publishing, it has never been so easier for writers to get their work out into the world. However, just because it is easy to self-publish does not mean that every writer should do it. There are certain things that every beginning writer should do before publishing a book.

Experienced authors often give lots of helpful advice for new authors, but here are five of the most important things beginning writers should do before they pursue publication.

1. Write For Yourself

A lot of people think that if they want to write something enjoyable, they need to write something that other people will love to read. But the truth is, you’re much more likely to write something enjoyable if you write something that you love to read.

After all, if you enjoy reading it, the chances are high that someone else will as well. So if you want to write something people will love to read, write something that you would love to read. Chances are good that others will enjoy it too.

2. Read Bestsellers in Your Chosen Genre

If you want to be a professional writer, it’s important that you read bestsellers in your chosen genre. You’ll get a feel for what readers are looking for, and you’ll also learn about the different elements and tropes that readers have come to expect.

You could also read other types of books or other genres that could better your writing. Study what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll be able to learn from the masters- and apply what you’ve learned to your own writing.

Of course, reading bestsellers is just one part of becoming a professional writer. You’ll also need to practice writing every day, and you should consider taking some writing courses to improve your craft.

3. Know Your Audience

Before you can start writing a book, you need to know who your audience is. Are you writing for a specific audience or demographic? It’s important to know this as the publishing industry is now catering to young adults, children, and adults.

Different genres will also attract different ages and groups, so it’s best to know who are the kind of readers you want to read your book and what attracts them to a specific book.

4. Get a Professional Editor

Most writers benefit from having their work read and edited by someone else before sending it to a publishing company. This is because it can be helpful to get another set of eyes on your work to catch any errors or typos that you may have missed.

It can also be helpful to have someone else read your work to give you feedback on your writing.

5. Understand How the Publishing Industry Works

Before you decide to pursue publication, it’s important to understand how the publishing business works and explore your options. There are many different types of publishers, from large trade publishers to small independent presses.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to do your research and choose the publisher that’s right for you and your book. It’s also best to be realistic when it comes to book publishing royalties.

The competition is very high in publishing, and many beginning writers who become published rarely see significant royalties for their work. So if you want to increase the chances of selling your published work, you need to do these things to make publication a future possibility.

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