Display Your Boardroom Skills by Publishing a Book

October 14, 2022

Happy Business ManCorporate board members are chosen because they are powerful, influential, and highly knowledgeable about the industry. Given the tremendous amount of influence given to such a group, how can you make your voice heard and maximize your potential?

If you want to become more influential in the boardroom, you need to consider becoming a published author. A book is one of the most compelling ways to demonstrate your expertise and years of experience to other board members and managers.

Aside from giving you instant credibility and authority on a topic, you can maximize your potential as a board member in the following ways:

1. Share Your Ideas With a Wider Audience

When you become a published author, you can share your ideas with a much wider audience than just your corporate boardroom. You can reach people all over the world, and you never know who might be influenced by your words.

Business tycoons like Lee Iacocca, Mark Cuban, and Richard Branson published their books after being famous and successful. But publishing a book before fame means you will be known for your expertise in your niche.

You can tackle topics you are passionate about, trigger much-needed conversations in your professional sphere, and drive change in your industry.

2. Use Your Book to Demonstrate Your Industry Expertise

Most members of an executive boardroom are highly knowledgeable, but they do follow a hierarchy based on experience and trust. If you are a new board member, you might not necessarily have the trust of the others just yet.

Publishing a book that demonstrates your industry expertise gives others a better way to assess your knowledge and skills. They will be able to see that your success is more than just a flash in the pan and that your contributions should not be ignored.

3. A Book Gives You Relevance and Legitimacy

One thing that is often unspoken in a boardroom is a board member’s legitimacy and relevance to the company. If you are new, other board members may not necessarily know how you can help the company.

But if you publish a book outlining your knowledge, then it makes your skills relevant to the company. The other board members will also see you as a legitimate voice and a potential powerhouse, and will listen to your ideas.

Publish Your Book Now and Be a Boardroom Powerhouse

Heading a successful company as one of its executive board members requires wisdom, skill, and industry knowledge. But gaining influence in a room full of much more influential and established people can be challenging.

You can become a boardroom powerhouse if you publish a book that shows off your expertise. Looking to become a published author? Contact us today and we will help your book become a #1 bestseller. 

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