How to Build an Author Imprint

October 29, 2021

How to Build an Author Imprint

Do you want to be known as THE expert in your niche?

Your book is the first step on that path. It makes you an instant expert in your field. But it doesn’t make you THE expert—not without some proof and reason behind it. For that, you need an Author imprint. But what’s an Author imprint? It’s everything you need to go from Author to complete online brand.

“And being known as a branded expert in your specific niche is a great way to help you achieve your business goals.”

Your Author imprint starts with a website, but goes so much further than that!. It represents you as an Author—along with all the different products and services you sell. It encompasses all the ideals and beliefs that you profess.

To really get people into your ecosystem, you don’t want them just to go look at your website, you also want them to interact with you and move around to different parts of your imprint (social media pages, and find your book pages). This means you’ll have to provide a lot of content and places for them to navigate around to! One site isn’t going to be a big enough playground.

Once you have your brand identity built out into your author website, create the rest of your brand assets. Everything in your Author universe needs to bleed consistence and intentionality. This includes:

    • Your Email Signature
    • Business Cards
    • Social Media Profiles and Content
    • Book Covers

Finally, there should be opt-ins at every turn so your readers and target audiences can stay plugged in at all times. 

Original Article, written by Miles Rote 

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