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August 28, 2017

Read 10 questions from our bestselling story starter, How to Write and Capture Your Family Yearbook and Story: A Story Starter Guide and Workbook to Write Your Family’s Stories, Memories and Activities of the Calendar Year, a Written Scrapbook and Guided Journal


With over 50 guided questions organized into sections about the life of your family, your monthly activities, special milestones, memorable holiday moments, record your favorite pop culture phenomenons and interests. This story starter will help you write your family yearbook, a family treasure you can cherish forever.




The Life of Our Family

1. Tell about a typical day in your family.________________________________________________

2. What things typically take place daily, weekly, monthly?___________________________________

3. Where is everyone living?________________________________________________________

4. Who works, attends school, etc.? Where?______________________________________________

5. What responsibilities does each family member have in regards to the family and home?___________________________________________________________________________

6. What are some favorite pastimes?__________________________________________________

7. What cars does your family own or drive?_____________________________________________

8. Describe the home and any changes that took place over the year._____________________________

9. What were some of the major world or local headlines of the year and how did they impact your family?___________________________________________________________________________

10. What are each of your family member’s favorite ice cream flavors and where do you usually go for ice cream or dessert?___________________________________________________________________________


To answer all the questions and write your own family story, be sure to check out our book on Amazon!

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