Turn Your Blog Post into a Book

September 30, 2022

Do you spend a lot of time writing and publishing blogs? You may not realize that you can turn all that writing into a book.

If your blog has maintained a steady audience over time, turning it into a book could be one of the best ways to become a celebrated published author. More specifically, if you noticed readers engaging with a specific post or blog topic you may be onto something vital to the expansion of your brand.

Here’s why you should consider turning your blog post into a book:

1. You Can Maintain Your Unique Writing Style

If you’ve been blogging for a long time, you have likely established a unique writing style that you use consistently. However, if you were to pivot into fiction writing or any other niche to get published, you would have to change your writing style to fit the format.

While this isn’t necessarily bad, it does mean that the audience that fell in love with your voice will miss it in your book. If you use your blog posts as the main content for your published book, you don’t have to adjust anything, and your audience will be right there with you.

2. You’ll Have More Opportunities to Promote Your Book

When you publish a book based on your blog, you can easily sell copies to an existing audience. You already have an established presence online, so you don’t have to build a digital marketing strategy from scratch.

The inverse is also true—your blog will generate much more interest and traffic when you get published. The popularity of your blog and all of your future books will feed into each other in the best way.

3. You Can Take Your Earnings to the Next Level

If you’re a consistent blogger, there is a ton of potential to make money off your content. And if you leverage your blog posts into a published book, you can take your earning potential to an unprecedented level.

Either way, you can make a ton of money just by writing!

4. You’ll Reach a Wider Audience

Your relationship with your online readers should be cultivated—this is a long-term bond that you will all treasure regardless of your future as an author. If you have an opportunity to get published, you can reach even more people and inspire them with your writing.

5. You Can Boost Your Brand

By publishing a book, you‘ll be able to boost your brand and gain recognition for the work you do. Once you’re a published author, you will have many more opportunities to get your name, your work, and your ideas out there.

Your Book is Ready… It’s Your Blog!

Writers are often stumped when trying to find ways to get published. But sometimes, it’s already staring them right in the face, in the form of their blog.

If you want to be a published author and share your work with a broader audience, look for a publishing company to help you achieve that goal.

Looking to turn your blog post into a book? Hire us today.

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