Author/Expert MasterclassWrite your book and become a #1 Bestselling author in JUST 8 weeks

We guide you through the ENTIRE writing process, FULLY publish your book, and create an Elite MARKETING CAMPAIGN designed to make you a #1 Bestseller – all in just 8 weeks.


Book Writing Fast Pass

Learn How to Write & Publish a #1 Bestselling Book with our Digital Training Course

In this course, you will learn how to follow our 5 simple steps for writing, publishing, and marketing your book in order to become a Bestselling author.

  • 12 ways to market and profit from your book
  • How to build a business and following from your book
  • How to sell you books, products and services from the stage
  • 10 ways to monetize your book – including book launches, consulting, re-launches, and more
  1. Create a BLUEPRINT
  • Gain clarity on your book’s “purpose” – develop a goal for your book
  • Learn how to hook your target audience with the right message and create a winning title and subtitle that compels your audience to BUY YOUR BOOK!
  • Come up with a great book title, subtitle and description that attracts attention and buyers
  • Learn how to create a BEAUTIFUL BOOK COVER design
  1. Write your BOOK
  • A great book CAN be written in days, not weeks or months!
  • You don’t have to be a writer to be a successful author. You can use free tools to “execute” your book or repurpose existing content you already have
  • Some of our most successful authors create their content in a half day!
  1. Organize and BROADCAST
  • Publish your book everywhere that books are sold, in stores and online
  • Discover the best price for your book so you make the most money and sell the most books
  1. BOOST your Sales
  • The “secret BOOST” you need at launch so you become a #1 Bestseller in as little as a day, every time!
  • 12 ways to PROMOTE your book, build your list and get your book sold
  • How to re-brand and re-launch your book as an audio book, podcast and more!



5 Secrets of Best-Selling Authors (FREE)

Learn the 5 secrets of Best-Selling Authors in this Free Training Course.


Zero To Hero

Get your ideas out onto paper, make your story heard, and profit from it. These videos are aimed to take you and your book to the next level. Take your book from Zero to Hero.