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Elite Online Publishing guarantees that your book will become a #1 Bestseller on Amazon or we will rerun the campaign again for free.


Self Publishing Book Services to Build Your Brand



We offer FULL SERVICE publishing packages that MAXIMIZE VALUE for our authors. Our packages include start-to-finish publishing, book marketing, editing, graphic design and illustration, e-book creation, and printing.

Please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION and more detailed information about our packages and offerings.

If you are ready to publish AND already have a book OR an idea for a book, please SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FOR PUBLICATION HERE.

Book Writing & Coaching

    • One 1-Day (8 Hour) 1-on-1 Private and Exclusive Coaching and Implementation Day
  • Coaching Calls
  • Participate in a Full Book Strategy Workshop

Full-Service Publishing Packages


  • One-on-One Author Support
  • Global Distribution
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Author Volume Discounts
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Personalized Back Cover Design
  • Interior Book Design and Layout
  • Complimentary Author Copies
  • Sold in eBook format for Kindle, Nook, iPad, iBooks, GoogleBooks, Kobo & others
  • Image Insertions for Black & White/Color Books
  • Book Selling Website
  • Paperback Copies
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Best Seller Campaign
  • Our Prices are a set fee; we don’t take a % of your book sales.

eBook Only

We will format your manuscript as an EPUB then assemble, publish and make your eBook available for sale on Amazon, iBooks, Nook Store and more

  • One on One Author Support
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Digital Formatting and Distribution (e-book)
  • Up to 10 graphics insertions
  • Interior Book Design and Layout
  • Best Seller Campaign
  • Audio Book –Audio Books can open up new markets and revenue streams for authors – put your book on Audible
  • Hardback Book – Professional and elite. A hardback book with a dust jacket raises your credibility even more.

Pre-publishing & Conversion Services

  • eBook conversion service
  • Print book conversion service
  • ISBN registration for your imprint
  • US Copyright Registration
  • Library of Congress Registration

Cover Design & Illustration

  • Elite cover design
  • Color illustrations – personalized
  • Color illustrations – fine detail
  • Color illustrations – intricate design
  • Black & White Illustrations – Personalized
  • Black & White Illustrations – Fine Detail


We have a team of expert, dedicated editors and ghostwriters to get your manuscript ready for publishing at the highest industry standards

  • Cover copy polish
  • Editorial assessment
  • Line editing
  • Content editing
  • Content development
  • Developmental editing
  • Ghostwriting

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