VIP Book Writing Day

Organize, Plan, and Partially Create Your Book In a Single Day

Avoid getting stuck, stalled, or derailed and start gaining momentum in your book writing process.

Take your book from concept to reality with our exclusive and efficient VIP Book Writing Day.


  • Pre-Day call to start the process and set the expectations. 
  • One day of 1-on-1 Private and Exclusive Coaching and Implementation 
  • Two 30 Minute 1-on-1 Follow-Up Implementation Calls

Get started with a FREE
Book Strategy Session

Your book isn’t going to magically write itself.
With our VIP Book Writing day it will feel like magic.

Finally, Make it Real

Take your book and podcast from concept to reality with an outline and a plan.

Know Your “Why”

Find deep insight into your purpose and anticipated outcomes for writing the book and creating your podcast.

Maximize your time, energy, and efficiency.


Find Your Voice

Become confident in your ability to create your book and uncover your unique voice, tone, story, and message. We teach you to tap into the passion, inspiration, and ease of creating your book so your book journey is a fun, soul-satisfying adventure.

Peace Of Mind

Rest assured that your book and podcast has “ the right stuff” to catapult your career to the next level of success and fill your life with new exciting possibilities.



  • Prepare for your VIP Session by:
    • Taking a comprehensive author assessment to ensure we directly meet your needs and goals
    • Attending an hour-long Pre-Day call to collectively set expectations and review the agenda
  • Attend your private 1-on-1 six-hour VIP Day event with our team where we will:
    • Clarify the “big giant goal” for your book
    • Develop the structure and core outline of your book
    • Hone-in on your key target audiences
    • Craft an inventory of what content what needs to be created
    • Begin developing your content – up to 10,000 words
  • Receive follow-up resources from your VIP Day, including:
    • A full transcript from the event
    • Zoom video recording of the entire session
    • A comprehensive document with your book strategy, outline, and initial content
    • A 30-minute 1-on-1 Follow-Up Implementation Call to ensure you’re on track for success