Book Sponsorship

Don’t let money keep you from publishing your book.

3 simple steps to get sponsors for your book.


Sponsors gain business exposure and a chance to connect with new customers

1. Choose your book’s target market:

  • Write down all the groups that your book could appeal to
  • Find books that are similar to yours and see who is buying them
  • Decide which sponsors want to reach your target market(s) and would be willing to pay you to get access. This might be local businesses, niche companies, software companies, smart-phone companies, computer companies, hosting companies, tech-gadget suppliers, etc

2. Map out your marketing strategy:

You won’t know what you can offer your potential sponsors until you decide on your marketing strategy. Sponsors want visibility; this can come from media coverage and mentions in interviews, in social media, and on your blog, as well as premium placement inside the book and any other place where they will get the exposure that they wouldn’t otherwise get.

3. Create a proposal letter:

  • Make clear the intent of your letter in one or two sentences so the potential sponsor's representative can quickly and easily understand the purpose of your letter
  • Explain the benefits of sponsoring your book and how the company's money will be spent
  • Make your proposal personal.
  • Find out who to talk to or where to send your proposal, and contact the sponsor

Think bigger, when it comes to sponsors. They don’t just want to see their name in your book. They may want to have you speak at their events, or distribute copies of your books to their customers. Get creative and don’t be afraid to ask!


  • Invite them to be on a series of videos with you that are multicast on FB live/youtube/Linkedin/twitch etc
  • Turn the above videos into a podcast
  • Give them shout outs on your social media ○ For example 50 shout outs on Twitter, 20 posts in Instagram
  • Put their logo on all your printed material
    • Banners
    • Bookmarks
    • Business cards
    • Flyers
  • Ad an ongoing ad posted on your website
  • Include them in your blog with backlinks to their website
    • Example give them 5 blogs
  • Mention sponsor on interviews you do.
  • Have them become a co-author
    • They will get an Amazon Author Page
      • SEO from Amazon will get them on the first page of search
  • Include them in the book description on Amazon
  • Send an email(s) to your list promoting them

Want to learn more about Sponsorships. Check out this Video with Expert Charmaine Hammond.