Do You Need a Book Coach?

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says the very best investment you can make is one that…..

  • You can’t beat,
  • Can’t be taxed
  • Not even inflation can take away from you.

“Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself.”


Author Business Coaching

We find our authors thrive after they become #1 Bestseller when they have continued support, accountability, time to work on their business not just in their business. The focus of the Continued Coaching and Consulting is to focus on the most relevant strategies for growing your list, brand, revenue, and business while creating systems that allow you maximize the leverage of your book and to work less and take more time off.



  • Proven Strategies To Make More Money In Your Business Using Your Book
  • How to Sell More Books
  • Latest Tech That Is Working For Authors and Their Businesses
  • Brand Strategies
  • List Building Strategies  And Tools
  • Systems to Help your Business Grow
  • Accountability
  • Continued Support


  • Four 30-Minute 1-on-1 Follow-Up Calls with Jenn or Melanie. These “as needed” calls are designed to work on specific implementation items throughout the year. You can use these to work on an event, promotion, offer, or business acceleration strategy.
  • Monthly Group Accountability and Mastermind Calls. The calls are designed to share “what’s working now” and for you to commit to the group what you’re going to accomplish in the next 30 days. Jenn and or Melanie will share
  • Comprehensive Speech, Promotion, or Pitch Critique with Jenn or Melanie. Send a video, audio, copy or slides of your talk or promotion to Jenn and Melanie for a full review with suggestions for how to get paid more and close better.
  • Comprehensive Copy Critique with Jenn or Melanie. You send us your promotional package, piece, or website for a full review with suggestions on improvement.