Audio Editing

To excel as a world class show, consistent, excellent audio quality is a requirement. We coach you in getting great equipment and adhere to strict processes (noise reduction, equalization, leveling, file structure, etc.) to transform your source recordings into excellent end results for your audience to cherish.

Podcast Art Design

People judge books by their cover. We work with you to create great cover art as well as images to help promote the show. Podcast art should be beautiful and legible when displayed as an icon or on a full screen.

Launch Planning

When launching, it is important to get to the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes. Success is based on downloads and reviews on the iTunes platform. We help you cultivate a powerful launch.

Episode Art

Each show is an opportunity to enhance and design your message. Repetition is integral in memory cognition. Branding each show with unique, eye-catching design will enhance brand awareness.


Writing well organized index information into each podcast will send a message that you are a serious, organized content producer. While other shows will be in 100 different iTunes folders, we ensure a well indexed show.

Search Engine Optimization

The world is full of people searching for what you are providing. You might be the answer to their prayers… but first you need to appear where they are looking. We use only white-hat SEO strategies to improve your chances of being found where you are sought.

Platform Submission

This means submitting to: iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, BlackBerry, SoundCloud, DoubleTwist, Zune, Player.FM, iHeartRadio, Podbay and Spreaker. Each new episode will automatically appear everywhere. No extra publishing work included.

Distribution System

When we set up podcasts, we construct a publication system that is easy to operate. After the initial setup, we work with you to go out on your own. To produce you can follow our process: upload, link, publish. You will not need us forever, but we will be here if you do.