Self-Publishing a Book For Utah Business

Self-Publishing a Book for Your Utah Business

As a business Professional in Utah, you’re always thinking how to put yourself ahead of your competition so that you stand out? Promoting your business and your brand has probably been one of your biggest challenges. There is one secret that few business professionals and entrepreneurs are using to create leverage in their market place over their competition. And that secret is self-publishing a book. Publishing a book used to be a lengthy process filled with agents and finding a publisher, but now you can self-publish your very own book with services like Amazon Self Publishing. You may be thinking what can self publishing a book do for me?  A book will build credibility and position you as an expert. Think about it, when your competition hands a prospect their business card and you had that same prospect your bestselling book, who do you think is going to be thought of as the expert? That’s right, you!  Having your own book is a great way to draw in new customers, clients, and patients. Let’s take a look at how you can fuel your company’s growth quickly and easily with this simple marketing tactic.


Increase Your Business Visibility

It’s no secret that people come straight to the internet when they are in need of something. You can spend your time working with blogs and social media to promote your business, but adding in a self-published book to your Utah business can help to increase visibility online and position you as the expert, plus drive more traffic to your website. With more demand, you can greatly increase your profitability as you find more lucrative clients this way.

As a dentist, chiropractor, or professional in an area like Salt Lake City, you may find that your competition has flooded the area with their marketing just like you have, probably all of you using the same techniques day in and day out? Most business owners think there’s only so much you can do when it comes to getting your brand recognized. That’s where they’re making their big mistake, a book is that extra little push that cements you as the go-to business in your area. This is where the idea of a self-published book that’s unique to your business and your market will showcase your business as the more informed brand over your competition.

If you market your book even just a little there’s also the possibility that your book will pick up attention from local media which gives your brand more recognition, and potential customers tend to flock to businesses that gain local attention.


Establish Credibility 

Simply put, customers want to work with an expert, the best possible choice out there. This is why 86% of customers will check a business’s reviews before even considering moving forward with a phone call. Potential customers really just want to know more about a business before they make that decision to commit, and they want to know that your business is reliable, professional, and the leader in your industry. Writing your own book gives you the power to relate exactly what you want your business to say and exactly what message you want to send out to your potential clients. After reading, your customers will feel more informed about your business which will increase the chances of them wanting to contact you for services.

Showcasing a book online not only adds to your credibility and professionalism, but it also offers the ability to gain more reviews which will give potential customers more confidence that your business is the right choice. Use your self-published book to position yourself as the expert in your field and demonstrate your value to your audience. Also, you’d be surprised what the phrase Bestselling Author can do for your brand.


Gather Client Information

As the 31st most populated state in the United States, Utah offers highly populated cities like Provo and West Valley City which means there is a large potential client base out there. Many businesses rely on mailing lists to get potential customers to sign up for their services, and for good reason as the larger your list, the larger you have a potential for revenue. Customers are more likely to sign up for an email list when they are presented with an offer that provides them with some value. You can offer your book for free in exchange for sign-ups, or you can use the purchase of your book to include some kind of offer that will be exclusive.

In reality, a self-published book can be an effective tool in gathering customer information which will benefit your Utah business, and customers will be more than willing to hand over their information when they have some kind of quality and lucrative content offered to them for free.


The Power of Writing a Good Book

A book that is well written can be a huge boost to your business. It should contain useful ideas and information, but most of all, it should be engaging and interesting for your readers. In a survey done for BusinessWeek, they found that 96% of those who self-published a book for their business reported a significant positive impact. This is simply because it does nothing but put you ahead of your competition. Even if the book doesn’t bring in any kind of significant income, the benefits of pulling in more customers to your business greatly outweigh the cost of giving your book away for free. Entrepreneurs who utilize this essential marketing tool will show their potential clients that they are the better choice when compared to their competitors simply because having a published book for your business gives you superiority.

Printed books are cheaper than you’d expect, and they give the same effectiveness as offering business cards to potential clients. Why would you hand out your products for free, though? You can easily widen your network and gain trust. Plus, if a potential client gives your book out to a friend, that gives your business a free endorsement. At the end of your book, make it easy for people to contact you. This would be a perfect time to utilize a digital mailing list to gather potential client contacts.


The Business Climate in Utah

Are you considering becoming a business owner in Utah? The Beehive State offers a strong pro-business climate. In fact, it’s ranked #3 in Forbes 2019 “Best States for Business” for four out of the last five years and the Chamber of Commerce found that Utah is the best-performing state overall according to a two-year study. Northern Utah has become somewhat of a tech hub mirroring that of California’s Silicon Valley with some big-name businesses such as Intel, Adobe, and EA Sports. Salt Lake City and the state has been ranked as top in economic and job growth, making it a perfect area to grow your brand. Salt Lake City and Provo were even named #18 and #35 in the top 100 places to live in the United States, with Salt Lake City also winning the 13th best city to start a career in. Utah doesn’t just offer amazing business and financial benefits, there is also the beautiful landscape, historical and arts communities, an award-winning downtown area in Provo, and some robust tourism. Provo has been ranked as the 4th most educated city in the country thanks to being one of the “10 Best College Towns” according to Livability. After ranking so high in so many categories, it’s no wonder why Utah has so many booming businesses.


Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

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