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This is the ultimate book publishing, content creation, and podcasting experience. You will get the best of all worlds by recording your podcast while simultaneously writing your book. 

  • Kicking off the process is your VIP Planning and Content Creation Day. We will spend a whole day together outlining your book and your podcast with the specific goal in mind of growing your business and making you an expert.
  • Creating Your Author website
  • The next step is recording your first of 24 podcast episodes and getting you launched on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Spotify, and Youtube. Each Podcast will have a video open and close, show notes, a blog post, and a social media graphic to go with it.
  • Next up is tuning your podcast content in a #1 Bestselling book. We will transcribe and edit your podcast, publish your eBook, paperback and audiobook as well as create a social media campaign and book marketing blitz to make you a #1 Bestselling Author!




Book Coaching, Co-Writing, Revision, & Editing

Gold Publishing Package

Author 5-page Website Design and Hosting

Wall Street Journal/ USA Today Bestseller List

You’ll become a #1 Bestselling Author Guaranteed

Giving Back – Sponsor a Child – Book Donation

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