Writing Challenge

Experience the exhilaration of our exclusive 14-day writing challenge! Over the next two weeks, immerse yourself in a world of creativity as we furnish you with stimulating prompts to craft your tale of triumph. Stay connected, motivated, and inspired throughout the challenge by joining our dedicated private forum, where we can share our progress and uplift one another. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a complimentary ebook that serves as your trusted companion, guiding you on your journey of penning your unique story. We have limited spots available, as we aim to foster a tight-knit community of writers. Don’t let this opportunity slip away! 

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Developing new habits take time, willingness, and motivation! Take a moment and thank yourself for showing up today! 

First things first, why are you here?

To begin your daily challenge, remind yourself why you are writing today. Write about what inspires you to record your stories, thoughts, ideas, and wisdom. 

Some questions to consider:

—Do I consider myself a writer? Why or why not?

—What motivates me to write?

—Who am I writing for?

—What is my purpose in writing down my experiences and thoughts?

Commit to 10-15 minutes of writing today, maybe writing in response to the prompt above, or following your intuition today if you’re feeling inspired toward something else. 

To your success!