Erik Swanson Becomes a Seven-Time #1 Amazon Bestseller With His Book – Time Habitude Warriors

Erik Swanson Becomes a Seven-Time #1 Amazon Bestseller With His Book – Time Habitude Warriors


International Keynote Speaker, Author & Social Media Expert, Erik Swanson, hit the best-seller list on for the SEVENTH time within a year with his book “Time Habitude Warriors – Principles to Master Your Time Habits.”

Scottsdale, AZ – Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bestselling Author and Speaker Erik Swanson hit #1 in five separate Amazon Categories with his book, “Time Habitude Warriors – Principles to Master Your Time Habits” which was released Friday, April 20, 2018, by – the nation’s #1 place to buy books.

On Friday, April 20th, 2018, the day of release, Erik’s book hit bestseller status in five Amazon categories, including Office Management, Total Quality Management, and Business Project Management


About the Book:

Time Management seems to be one of the biggest issues for busy entrepreneurs. It causes so much stress in our lives, careers, and in overall sales. In Time Habitude Warriors: Principles to Master Your Time Habits, Mr. Erik Swanson will teach you some “Time Habitude Warrior’s” techniques to build your success. What TO DO and what ‘NOT’ TO DO in managing your time throughout each and every day. The first portion of the book is devoted to ‘TO DO LISTS’ for success. The second portion of the book is devoted to ‘NOT TO DO LISTS’ for success.

Learn What ‘To Do’:


Organization Skills

Setting Priorities

Managing Events

How to Social Media

Time Blocking Systems


And What ‘Not To Do’

Time Wasters

Don’t get overwhelmed

Wasting Away on Social Media

Not To Do Lists

Learn to Say No

“Apply the HABITUDE WARRIOR Mindset and watch your habits and relationships change rapidly.”

– Brian Tracy – Bestselling Author/Speaker

“Erik has done it again! Habits & Attitudes combined to enhance life efficiency and effectiveness …Absolutely! Time Habitude Warriors is the book to read to leverage the gift of 24/7 to create and foster that BIG life we all want. Awesome!”

– David Corbin -Bestselling Author & Mentor to the Mentors

“Success is an art and science that can be taught and learned. Not only is Erik an excellent trainer, but his methods work in the real world with real people, right now! Get this book and apply what’s inside and watch your sales soar!”

– John Assaraf – New York Times Bestselling Author “The Secret” and “The Answer” and “Having it All”


About the Author:

Erik Swanson has delivered over 6000 motivational presentations at conferences and meetings worldwide. As an award-winning International Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Attitude Coach, Erik Swanson is in great demand! Speaking on average to more than one million people per year, he is both versatile in his approach and effective in a wide array of training topics.

Nicknamed “MR. AWESOME,” you can easily find Erik sharing stages with some of the most talented and famous speakers of the world, such as Brian Tracy, Nasa’s Performance Coach Dr. Denis Waitley, from the book/movie ‘The Secret,’ Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, & Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier, Co-Author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Sharon Lechter, among many others! Mr. Swanson has created and developed the super popular Habitude Warrior Conference which has a 2-year waiting list and includes over 33 top named speakers, all in a ‘ted talk’ style event which has quickly climbed as one of the top 10 events not to miss in the United States!


After his first successful release, Erik Swanson was recognized by The Elite Institute of Best-Selling Authors, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best-seller lists.

To order a copy of the book, please Click Here

To learn more about Erik Swanson, please visit: or


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How does a book attract the attention you desire?

Book’s are great attention getters and can be used as multi-purpose marketing tools. They possess unique abilities to create attention to generate sales, increase visibility, create word of mouth advertising or demonstrate knowledge to increase credibility.

Instant Your Credibility – Become and Authority

Books are an incredible step up from a simple business card.  People will throw away a business card, but not a book. It shows that you are a wealth of knowledge and valuable resource for your clients. With so many ways to get attention, how do you stand out?  Writing and publishing a book is one of the best ways to get attention. It separates you from the crowd since it’s under-utilized by entrepreneurs.

You can’t easily fake your way into writing a good book so you do risk being judged. You either know you’re business or you don’t. A book shows you can commit to project and follow through. It shows you get things done. things that are hard and prestigious and require a lot of skills.

Being judged can seem risky, but that’s why you get so much credit for a good book. A book requires a lot of work and shows that you’re willing to put yourself out there. It shows confidence in yourself and your knowledge. Not many people are willing to risk being judged. 

Our company can assist you in creating a book that leaves a great impression.  If you don’t know what you’re talking about, you can’t just throw something together, call it a book, and expect to benefit. You have to write a good book to gain credibility. To establish yourself as an authority on a subject, others must find your book interesting and valuable. 

Raise Your Visibility – Get Media Coverage –

Experts write books. Commentators write blog posts. When the media wants a comment on something they go to the experts, right?  Media coverage is much easier to come by with a book to your name. Having a new book is a requirement to speak in lecture halls or gain entry to television studios and boardrooms. It can also get you into special events or simply on people’s minds.  If you want visibility in your field and media coverage, being an expert is key. The pathway to unlock those doors is through writing a book. The Press Release of your new number one bestseller will turn heads and get you noticed.

Help People Find You –

Amazon is one of the top overall internet search engines. It ranks up there with Google and YouTube. It is the top search engine for products which is an even more relevant measure to an entrepreneur. A study back in 2015 showed the 44% of people start their search for a product on Amazon. Google, Bing, and others were only ranking at 34% together. You want to be on Amazon where people are looking for your product.  A book will get you there.

When people look for buying information, they turn to experts or authorities. This means they would literally be looking for you, that is if you wrote the book on that subject. Wouldn’t it be great to have people looking for you? A great book brings people to you and tells them exactly who you are. It even shows them how you can help them. It’s the best marketing tool you could ever use both build your brand and attract clients.

Get People Talking about you –

Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing. People are more likely to follow the advice or suggestion of a someone they know and trust.  A book enables word of mouth better than almost any other tool. This is because it puts your story into people’s minds which then comes out of their mouth in your words. When people talk about you, they’re literally just saying what you want them to say. A good book causes people to repeat your terms, phrases, and ideas to other people. If you can picture that conversation naturally happening between two people,  then you can simply write your book with the intention to create that conversation. You can literally create conversations about you and your business that sound as if you were there explaining your business. Help people talk about you in a way that leads clients, in need, to your door.

A properly written book can do all of this and so much more.

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