Trevor Crane – 10-Time Best Selling Author

Trevor Crane – 10-Time Best Selling Author

Trevor Crane interview on Elite Expert Insider.

How To Write The Right Book – Fast
Position Yourself As An Authority, Attract Qualified Leads, Build Your Brand And Increase Your Income … Effortlessly
What’s the difference between writing the “right” book and the “wrong” book?

Trevor Crane explains all in this interview with Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster on the Elite Expert Insider Podcast.

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Why I’m Turning Trad-Pub Deals Down

Why I’m Turning Trad-Pub Deals Down

by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

I’ve been asked by writers and others if I’d ever query traditional publishers again.

As a matter of fact, I’ve gotten queried by traditional publishers a couple of times in the past year.  I’m not really sure why, since there now seem to be many cozy writers out there. I’ve politely rejected them.

It’s not that I had a bad trad-pub experience. It’s just that I’ve had a better self-pub experience.

Reasons I’ve decided to stick with self-publishing:

I make more money writing independently of a publisher.  This is by far the top reason. I even made more self-publishing a few books than I did with more traditionally published books on the shelves.

I exploit all my rights and publish my book in a variety of formats or internationally. I can expand my reach to find more readers.  Publishers frequently hold onto your international, audio book rights, etc.

I can make changes to my self-published books.  Sometimes I’ll hear from readers about formatting or typos in my trad-published books…and it’s very frustrating knowing there’s nothing I can do.

I can make changes to my online profiles at the retailers and distributors I deal directly with.  I had to deal with a lot of red tape to even get my photo up on Penguin Random House’s site last week. I was stunned to find it wasn’t up there. After all, I’ve written for the publisher since 2010 and my photo was available to them for the backs of the books.

The only reason I was able to jump through the hoops and get the picture uploaded was because an employee at Penguin for the Berkley imprint went above and beyond the call of duty as a conduit between me and the art department.  My Memphis books aren’t listed or linked to on the page…they’re stranded in some sort of Nowhere Land without an author bio or picture, but at this point I  don’t have the time to deal with it.  Plus, my Riley Adams profile there has no bio or picture.

I can run promotions on books with lagging sales. I can make a book free. I can give a book away to gain newsletter subscribers (and then inform them of new releases for later sales gains). I can run quick weekend sales to make my books more visible on retail sites.

I can devote all my time and best ideas to the series that will pay me best. If I wrote an additional series for a trade publisher, I wouldn’t have as much time to devote to my other series.  I felt at the end of my traditional publishing that I was saving my best ideas for my ‘own’ books.

I don’t feel the need to prove anything. Originally, it did feel good to be validated by a gatekeeper…I was a newer writer and I needed that. Now, I prefer reader validation. It’s ultimately more valuable.

I have price control. If I switched back to traditional publishing, my readers would experience higher prices for my new books and they’d be emailing me to ask me why.

I can choose my book covers. I got lucky with the covers I had from Penguin Random House.  But going from complete creative control over the covers back to no control (they did always ask me what I thought of a cover before they signed off on it, but if I hadn’t liked it, I’m not sure they’d have pulled it/reworked it) would be challenging.

I can release books when I want. There could be large gaps between books: more than a year.  Now I can release a couple of books in the same series in a year’s time, if I like.

There were also certain things about traditional publishing that I just didn’t like.  For one,  I didn’t like losing my editors to layoffs, etc.  This meant I was an ‘orphaned’ writer whose series would likely not get renewed.

I didn’t like the contracts that I was seeing with non-compete clauses. I didn’t like being offered digital-only contracts later in the game.

What do you like about self-publishing? Or, to hear the other side, what draws you to traditional publishing?


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Michael A. Huggins Hits #1 Best-Seller List

Michael A. Huggins Hits #1 Best-Seller List

#1 Amazon NEW BESTSELLER: “7 Financial Cheat Codes” by Michael A. Huggins

Best Selling Author/Speaker as well an international financial trainer; Michael A. Huggins recently hit No. 1 National best-seller list with his new book, “7 Financial Cheat Codes!” – Live Smart, Pay Less Taxes, Retire Early and Have the Financial Freedom You Dream About, a book which was released on February 4th, 2017.

In this book “7 Financial Cheat Codes” Michael uses a fresh model other than the common traditional financial approach other books employ to teach an easy to follow system to become financially free. This method, when used correctly, will help one live smart, pay less tax as well as retire early

Michael A. Huggins acquired the position of #1 in Personal development, Financial Management & Leadership and Training Category with this New Book, which had been highly anticipated.


About Michael A. Huggins

Michael A. Huggins is an international speaker and highly requested financial trainer, who have helped numerous people establish control over their investments, pay off their debts and even superseded their return on their retirement account. He has coached people into living the life they desire using his extensive knowledge in personal development.

Through the course of his journey in life, he has received personal training and garnered knowledge from well-known professionals like Mark Kohler, Garrett Gunderson, John C. Maxwell, Bob Snyder, and Woody Woodward. He has also been featured on The Dr. G & Kevin Show and various entrepreneurial blogs.

Michael has received several accolades for his zeal and steadfastness which includes the 2016 Utah Regional Excelling Leadership Award, 2016 Colorado Regional Leadership Award, and the 2016 Summer in Denver Driving Force Award as a top income earner in the sales and marketing division of a world class educational company.

Gladdened with many years of experience behind him, Michael has mastered the skills of running a successful marketing business.

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no 1 best-seller michael huggins

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The Elite Planner: Achieve Your Daily Goals, Targets and Successes

The Elite Planner: Achieve Your Daily Goals, Targets and Successes

elite planner success plannerThe Elite Planner: Achieve Your Daily Goals, Targets and Successes

The Best Planner to achieve Your Goals. A Day Planner that will help you hit your targets. See your Successes with this Schedule Planner. This daily planner with our special schedule maker goal achieving system will help make you more productive than ever.

The Elite Planner: Achieve Your Daily Goals, Targets and Successes Get More Focused, More Productive and Achieve More Goals Achieve Your Big Giant Goals.

Write your goals down not just once a day, but we have a place to write them when you wake up and before you go sleep. Do what millionaires and billionaires do, but double it.

Get Fit : 3x3x3: Simple workout plan to make sure your body and mind push you toward success. Hit Your Targets: Set your top targets and commit to hit them daily.

See Your Success: Celebrate your success daily. Give yourself a pat on the back daily.

Attack Your Day with Massive Accomplishment: Schedule your day for success, with sections for Leads & Money, Projects, Appointments, Emails and Phone Calls.

Get the accompanying Journal

elite journal - daily blank journal


New Story Starter – Capture Your Toddler’s Memories & Words

New Story Starter – Capture Your Toddler’s Memories & Words

Capture your Toddler’s Special Moments and Words

toddler story starters scrapbooking

How to Write your and Capture Your Toddler’s Life Stories: A Guide & Workbook to Write Your Toddler’s Stories, Memories and Special Moments, a Written … and Guided Journal (Elite Story Starters 5)


by Melanie Johnson (Author), Jenn Foster (Author)


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With over 50 specially crafted guided questions organized into sections about your toddler’s dreams, imagination, thoughts and favorite things, find out & ask what if you could be a superhero, find out what’s really on their mind and how they view the world. Record their answers into this book for a keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime.

If you need more room to write – look for the accompanying journal we have created for you to write down even more memories and special moments of your child.


Buy the Accompanying Journal


Dino Watt – Relationship Expert – Business & Marriage

Dino Watt – Relationship Expert – Business & Marriage

Dino Watt – Relationship Expert – Business & Marriage – Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster interview Dino Watt about his new book

The Practice Rx: The Cure To Inner-Office Drama, Politics, Low Morale, and the Overworked, Burnt Out, Under-Appreciated Owner & Other Office Ailments

Dino Watt Releationship Expert
Hot Chicks Write Hot Books Podcast Episode  #35     – This podcast is about about how to write, publish & market your book on Amazon.  Best selling authors answer your questions about becoming a best selling author, how to make money with your book and more.
Hot Chicks Write Hot Books help busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professional athletes Create, Publish, and Market their book, to build their business and brand. Save time, money and effort on the book writing process.  For more information you can text your name and email to 1(832) 572-5285
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Jenny Hrbacek Interview – Cancer Free! Are You Sure?

Jenny Hrbacek Interview – Cancer Free! Are You Sure?

Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster interview Jenny Hrbacek the Author of the book Cancer Free! Are you Sure?  Great insight to how to be cancer free and stay cancer free.  Jenny Hrbacek has the answers to prevent cancer from coming back.  She has answers to preventing cancer from the beginning.  Get her book today!
Hot Chicks Write Hot Books Podcast Episode  #34 Cancer Free!  Are you Sure?  Author Jenny Hrbacek
– This podcast is about about how to write, publish & market your book on Amazon.  Best selling authors answer your questions about becoming a best selling author, how to make money with your book and more.
Hot Chicks Write Hot Books LLC help busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professional athletes Create, Publish, and Market their book, to build their business and brand. Save time, money and effort on the book writing process.  For more information you can text your name and email to 1(832) 572-5285

Jenny Hrbacek is a registered nurse who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2009. She immediately underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy in the belief that would eliminate the cancer. She saw other people in the chemo room undergoing treatment because their cancer had come back a second and third time and Jenny realized surgery and chemotherapy is not a cure for cancer. She learned how to get tested for circulating tumor cells and found she was not cancer free, even though her PET scan was “clean.” She learned about a number of early detection tests that will change how cancer is diagnosed. Her mission is to change the way the world detects cancer.

Today, Jenny consults individually with other patients and is available for public speaking engagements. She is married with three children, lives in Sugar Land, Texas and is active in her community and charitable organizations. She has been a registered nurse since 1990.

More info about Jenny Hrbacek: http://www.CancerFreeAreYouSure.com41W39WEb1xL._UY250_


12 Must-Read Book Recommendations From Millionaire Entrepreneurs

12 Must-Read Book Recommendations From Millionaire Entrepreneurs

A good book is every successful entrepreneur’s constant companion. Here are top recommendations and reviews from millionaire entrepreneurs.


Most successful people have mentors and coaches. Every successful person has a favorite books list. These millionaire entrepreneurs say their favorite books have had a significant impact on their success, and they have shared their must-read lists with me. Enjoy!

Karen Hough, founder and CEO, ImprovEdge, LLC

1. Women Don’t Ask by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever

Everyone on the planet should read this book. Although it focuses on gender discrepancies, I give it to my male colleagues and they all are bowled over by it. The book explores the mistakes and social pressure on women in negotiation situations and the ways we ruin deals for ourselves throughout life. It was incredibly eye-opening.

2. Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath

This book is a knock-down, storytelling marvel. It explains why simplicity, analogy, and storytelling are so powerful. It helped me focus on how I talk about my company, engage my employees, and take our message of improv and learning to the world. Read it.

3. Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever: Break the Rules, Make Mistakes and Win Them Over by Karen Hough

Busted! This is my book. It’s authenticity and passion that win people over, not polish. This book lets presenters off the hook, and allows them to be their living, breathing, occasionally clumsy selves.

The book debunks over a dozen myths about presenting, to make it more fun and natural for everyone. I explain why you should never practice in front of a mirror, end on questions, and much more. You’ll be able to tear up the old rules, and embrace and develop your own style.

Candice Galek, founder and CEO, Bikini Luxe

4. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

“Always avoid strength and attack weakness.”

In business, especially when starting out, it is vital that you know not only your own strengths and weaknesses, but your competition’s as well. This means looking for niches that your competition is either overlooking or lacking in.

5. Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso

This book was really inspirational to me in the creation of Bikini Luxe. Sophia Amoruso details how she went from a dumpster diving hobo to the head of a $100 million e-commerce website. She outlines some of the key points to her success, as well as pitfalls to avoid when starting an online business.

I found it not only a fantastic read but a great step-by-step guide to succeeding in selling online.

6. 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

My favorite quote from this book is “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” I have taken this to heart by always working to make negative situations positive ones.

When interacting with negative influences or obstacles, I look to find the good in both to not only view the world differently, but also to create a positive outcome from the situation. Just by changing my view of the situation, often the situation itself changes.

Leon Rbibo, president, The Pearl Source

7. The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White

Yeah, I already know what you’re thinking. A writing book? Are you kidding me? I already know how to write. Here’s the problem: You probably think you already know how to write, but it’s likely you don’t–or at the very least you could use some improvement.

I’m absolutely astonished on a daily basis when I read poorly written sales pitches, partnership plans, marketing proposals, etc. You’d be amazed. If you can’t write–if you can’t clearly and concisely express yourself, your goals, your objectives, and your strategy–you’re not going to make it very far as an entrepreneur.

Rewrite your elevator pitch after reading this book. I guarantee you’ll impress yourself

8. A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn

If you don’t know how this country came to be–and the stories of the people who got us here–you’re doing yourself a major disservice. You cannot propel yourself forward until you discover, not only the mistakes, but also the brilliant minds and innovations of the past.

This book takes a look at business, politics, and culture through the eyes of everyday people: immigrants, factory workers, businessmen and the founders of this country. This is no U.S. history textbook. It goes beyond what you might learn in today’s classrooms.

Marsha Lindsay, founder and chair, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

9. Ten Types of  Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs by Larry Keeley, Brian Quinn, and others at Doblin

It turns out that for years, many of us have erroneously assumed that the fastest way to grow a business is with an innovative new product or service. Fifteen years of research, detailed in this book, reveals that product innovation is just one type, and in fact it is the one that generates the least return. It turns out launching a concept built with three or more of the 10 types dramatically increases one’s odds of success.

10. Drinking From the Fire Hose: Making Smarter Decisions Without Drowning in Information by Christopher Frank and Paul Magnone

Today, we can measure thousands of things in finance and marketing. And all the data that’s produced can be overwhelming. This book has given me a method for sorting out what data to gather that is most critical to my business and the clients I serve. So now, not only is my “data anxiety” quite low; I’m also better at separating noise from insight, and faster at making better decisions.

Karen Kane, designer, founder, and CEO, Karen Kane and Fifteen Twenty

11. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Anyone who works in a creative industry should read this book. As a designer, I’m fascinated by trends and changes in shopping habits. This book dives deep into this subject, and provides great insight into the lifecycle of trends. The anecdotes included are very relatable, and it gives you a key takeaways that you can apply to your business strategy.

12. Yves Saint Laurent by Florence Chenoune and Farid Muller

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s important to understand its history. I love reading about icons in fashion who have made lasting contributions to our industry and changed the way our business is run. I find it inspiring and exciting to learn about how much has changed in such a short time.

How many of these books have you read? Share your must-reads with us here.

Podcast Interview with Joshua M. Evans – Enthusiastic You!

Podcast Interview with Joshua M. Evans – Enthusiastic You!

About the Author

Joshua M. Evans

Joshua Evans is the founder of Enthusiastic You! a motivational consulting and sales training organization. Growing up just outside of a major US city, his natural disposition of enthusiasm caused him to gravitate towards working closely with people. His energy and passion lead him into a career of professional sales where he honed his talent and built his business. While his energetic personality was a welcome addition in sales organizations, he became very aware that his passionate attitude was rare. Using his energy to incite enthusiasm in others became a personal mission. With this goal in mind, he developed Enthusiastic You! His tactics for becoming enthusiastic were created with a focus on helping people in both business and in their daily lives. Everyone deserves to be passionate and to be unapologetically enthusiastic. Josh has dedicated himself to providing each and every person with the tools to become enthusiastic.

– See more at:

Hot Chicks Write Hot Books Podcast Episode  #29- Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster Interview Joshua M. Evans, Best Selling Author! In this interview the authors talk about how to write a book and publish it on Amazon.  They answer your questions about becoming a best selling author. How to make money with your book and more.
Hot Chicks Write Hot Books is a company helping people who want to become an expert, authority and star in your niche by writing a book. We have systematized the book writing Process For you, saving you time, money and effort. We’ve created a podcast to help you in the book writing process. For more information you can text your name and email to 1(832) 572-5285
More information about Joshua M. Evans can be found at