Erectile Dysfunction, Regenerative Cell and PRP Therapy with Anne Truong, M.D.

November 12, 2018

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Anne Truong, M.D. about Regenerative Cell and PRP Therapy and Erectile Dysfunction. Joint pain can be the result of a number of conditions, such as an injury or arthritis. Many patients with joint pain are likely to use medication or surgery. However, there is a groundbreaking treatment available that is natural, non-surgical, and requires very little downtime.

Anne N. Truong, M.D. is the sole founder and owner of Truong Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Truong has extensive experience in the non-operative management of musculoskeletal injuries using state-of-the-art techniques such as Trigger Point injections and Regenerative Therapies, ultra-sound-guided injections to joints and muscles, medical acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation. She has been doing regenerative cell therapy since 2006, also has taught numerous doctors all over the world on regenerative medicine. Her approach is to decrease pain and to restore strength and function without medications and/or surgery. Once pain reduction is achieved, she prescribes a personal wellness exercise program for patients. Drawing upon her many areas of experience and expertise, as well as the capabilities of her allied health staff, Dr. Truong is able to deliver individualized treatment for each patient.

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Show Notes-

  • The blood clotting in your blood is caused by platelets.  When you Isolate the platelets from your blood it stimulates your tissue to generate more blood vessels.  (3:26)
  • This process can help heal your joints, muscles, ligaments, and tissues. (4:06)
  • Stem cell therapy does not take long. On average it takes about an hour. (8:52)
  • You don’t need to use medication to heal your body. (9:29)
  • The procedure is not mainstream yet, but it is definitely picking up the pace. (15:22)
  • Stem Cell therapy can help heal multiple things at the same time. (18:53)


(2:04) “I started learning about your own stem cells that you have in your body and how acupuncture can actually help you by increasing your stem cell circulation in your body.”

(3:42) “So, therefore, it can help you heal from either an injury like a rotator cuff tear, or even help you prevent knee, or hip pain.  It also can help you by fixing erectile dysfunction.”

(9:15) “I’m passionate about spreading the message that our body has the power to heal within our body.”

(12:16) “It can help with the pain of a woman after they have given birth. Woman have scar tissue down there and it becomes painful and can lead to vaginal dryness. Before this problem was never never mentioned but now it can be treated and reversed with the platelets.” 

(15:05)”I definitely see that physicians are starting to see this as an alternative to medication and pain medication. More physicians are definitely doing this, not so much mainstream but I think that it’s definitely picking up the pace.”

(18:53) “you can go to a physician that specializes in stem cell therapy and some can even do the P shop now.”

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