[Book Release] The Power of Food Prep by Amy Lawrence

August 9, 2022

We are excited to announce the new book by Amy Lawrence “The Power of Food Prep: Take the Stress Out of Meal Planning with the Gourmet Done Skinny Method.”

TODAY ONLY, the Kindle eBook is only $0.99 cents. Head over to Amazon and order your eBook for yourself or a friend. Hurry before the price goes back to the regular price.

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International Link: https://authorexperts.club/show-book/B0B86XCBCS


Who has time to cook everyday? And who wants to?

If you’re like most busy people who often resort to ordering out or paying too much at restaurants when you’re too exhausted to cook, there’s a better way. With meal planning and prep, you can have healthy, gourmet, home-cooked meals everyday by cooking only a few days a week. You don’t have to be a “Type A” person and have every meal planned out on the calendar for this to work for you. You don’t have to spend a fortune on kitchen gadgets or spend hours on the weekend cooking for the week.

The Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method is the best solution for busy foodies to save time, save money, and cut calories. So, roll up your sleeves, put on your apron, grab a notebook, and get ready to learn the power of food prep with the Gourmet Done Skinny Meal Method.

You will learn:

  • an easy way to prep healthy meals that doesn’t require you to spend the entire day in the kitchen
  • a simple method to cook only a few hours a week and pull out quick meals on other days
  • a solution that doesn’t require you to eat the same thing five days in a row
  • the basic tools you need to meal prep without collecting a bunch of gadgets you’ll never use again
  • time-saving tips and tricks to set you up for success

“This isn’t your typical “been there, done that” food prep book. Not even close! This cookbook is a must-read for anyone who loves delicious gourmet food, but just doesn’t have time to cook two hours every night. You will love all of Amy’s easy techniques and quick tips that are unique, making gourmet cooking a joy. Read this book and learn from one of the best. You’ll be amazed at your delicious results!”

-Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder
eWomenNetwork, Inc


Amy Lawrence is the CEO of Gourmet Done Skinny. She combines her talents and love of cooking to produce healthy gourmet recipes for her company and food blog GourmetDoneSkinny.com. The tea room and restaurant she owned was voted “Best Small Tea Room in the USA” in 2004, a testament to her style and skillfulness as an entrepreneur. Amy has been an instructor for the World Tea Expo, Northwest Tea Festival, and a special guest on the Weight Loss Made Real Podcast. She has written fourteen books, traveled the world with her family, and is a proud member of the eWomen Network.

Click Here to get your copy for only .99 cents today.

Have a Fantastic Day,

Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson

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