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Hungry Hap:

– by Cynthia Guill

Take Your Turn! A Leadership Guide to Success for Young Women
– by Tonya L. Carter

Authority: Strategic Concepts from 15 International Thought Leaders to Create Influence, Credibility and a Competitive Edge for You and Your Business

Touching Orion
by Colonel W. Andrew Pennington

The Winning Game Plan: A Proven Leadership Playbook for Continuous Business Success
by Jamey Rootes

Family Book of Values:
Character-Strengthening Lessons and Stories for Youth

Putting on Christ:
A Road Map for Our Heroic Journey to Spiritual Rebirth and Beyond

Choosing Purposeful Alignment:
The Messy Middle of Transformation

The Most Hated President, Yet the Most Loved: The Theory of Conservatives vs Liberals and the Hidden Truth Behind It

Ten Healthy Tips

Ten Healthy Tips: A Flight Plan for Life

Un-Winnable Wars:
Finding Victory in the Ashes of Defeat

Business Blindspots:
Eliminate Hidden Challenges for Exponential Growth

Ten Healthy Tips

Taking Back America:
Campaign Secrets I Learned Battling Nancy Pelosi and The Swamp, How to be a Fearless Firebrand for America’s Future

Author Clark East

Life is a Series of Unexpected Interruptions:
The Untold Real-Life Story of How One Bad Decision Destroyed a Multimillionaires Life and His Road Back to God, Faith, and Love

Where This Civilization is Going:
A Dangerous Trend

Ten Healthy Tips

Hacia Dónde Va Esta Civilización:
Una Tendencia Peligrosa (Spanish Edition)

Author Clark East

Podcast Authorized:
Turn Your Podcast Into a Book That Builds Your Business 

The Accumulation Myth:
8 Retirement Flaws & How to Fix Them

Engineer Your Celebrity:
How to Use Visibility Marketing to Stand Out from the Crowd and Achieve an Explosion of Growth for Your Business


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