Podcast Authorized by Melanie Johnson, Jenn Foster, and Steve Gordon

August 12, 2020

We are excited to announce the new book by Melanie Johnson, Jenn Foster, and Steve Gordon,  “Podcast Authorized: Turn Your Podcast Into a Book That Builds Your Business”

TODAY ONLY the Kindle eBook is $0.99 cents. Head over to Amazon and order your book for yourself or a friend.

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Podcast Authorized: Turn Your Podcast Into a Book That Builds Your Business


Learn How to Build a High-Performance Podcast and Book That Can Yield Double-Digit Returns.

Over 50% of the homes are podcast fans! Podcasts are poised to eclipse traditional radio in listenership, and podcasts are opening the door to individuals, businesses, and celebrities alike to have their own show with no barrier to entry. 

The smartest thing you can do as a business owner, expert and industry leader is to build a platform of raving fans.

One of the best and easiest ways to attract new buyers, clients, and fans to you is through a podcast and a book. Watch your business grow as you create unique, expert content.

With this expert advice, you’ll learn:

  • How to get your book written, edited, and designed painlessly
  • How to use your podcast to write your book
  • What to do after your book is published to get maximum results
  • How to turn your book into a podcast 
  • How to create a book promotion super-team (if no one gets the book, what’s the point…your super-team will get it into the right hands)
  • How to 10x your referrals in 30-days using your book
  • How to position your book to attract the right clients (this is critical and most authors miss the mark…they end up frustrated, with a book that collects dust)

This book sprung for from a podcast interview with Steve Gordon, who we had never met before. Because of our podcast “Elite Expert Insider,” we decided to do a webinar together which turned into this book. That’s the power of a podcast. 

85 percent of listeners will hear all, or at least most of, each episode of your podcast!  If you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur, having a podcast and a book can give you opportunities and relationships your business never had before. This is a recipe for success when done right.

Learn how podcasting and having a book can profit your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your business to the next level! Expert podcast secrets from Steve Gordon, The Unstoppable CEO Podcast. Expert book publishing insights from #1 Bestselling Authors Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson.

About the Authors

Jenn Foster is a 14x bestselling author, one of today’s national leading digital marketing specialists, an award-winning web designer, and recipient of the esteemed “Quilly Award”. Jenn is a graduate of Utah State University. She owned and operated a chain of successful retail stores. Jenn has been named one of America’s Premier Experts® and is highlighted in the Dan Kennedy Book, Stand Apart. She was recently named one of “Utah’s Thought Leaders” in the book Innovate Utah by Global Village. Jenn is the co-host of Elite Expert Insider Podcast on iTunes and stitcher radio. Jenn is a single mom, loves spending time with her three children and experiencing the great outdoors.  

Melanie Churella Johnson is a 13x bestselling author, she has owned and operated two TV stations in Houston and Dallas. Melanie is a co-host of the podcast Elite Expert Insider and was a Tedx speaker in 2016 in Sugarland Tx. Melanie graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in communications and was the first girl to receive a varsity letter in a boys sport in the state of Michigan. Melanie is the co-host of Elite Expert Insider Podcast on iTunes and stitcher radio. She is a single Mom raising her two sons, one of which was featured in the NY Times.

Steve Gordon is the author of five books, including the Amazon Business #1 bestseller Unstoppable Referrals: 10x Referrals, Half the Effort, and Podcast Prospecting: How to Land High-Ticket Clients with a Podcast. He’s the host of The Unstoppable CEO™ Podcast and has appeared on over 100 podcasts. His firm helps digital agencies, consultants, and expertise-based businesses systematically attract more clients.

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PS – It would be a super extra favor to the authors if you had the time to write a review of the book on Amazon. We will look for feedback on what you thought about the book and the biggest benefit you received from the book.

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