Breaking Boundaries with CJ Martindale & Jason Jaggard: A New Era of High Performance

January 23, 2024

Melanie Johnson co-owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews CJ Martindale & Jason Jaggard about their transformative journey from unique career beginnings to becoming influential executive coaches. They dive into the innovative concept of ‘Meta Performance’ and the impact of ontological coaching, providing insights on transcending traditional high performance to achieve extraordinary personal and professional growth.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The Concept of Meta Performance.
  • Bridging the Gap Between Aspirations and Reality.
  • The Power of Asking the Right Questions.


“What’s something that you’re willing to go after, even if you knew you would fail at it?” (09:17)

“I don’t want someone, I can beat into high performance with a stick, to work double the amount of time, but they’re gonna resent the work because of the process, and so, if you think of meta like metamorphosis, metamorphosizing, I don’t know, into a butterfly. It becomes a different thing, like it transforms.” (15:10)

“And really what they’re saying is I don’t have the energy to do that and I get. And like there are really efficient ways that’s kind of the trick. I’m trying to figure out ways of doing it in a way that one gives me energy. That’s fun. It’s like a puzzle. Finding the nuclear things that make the biggest difference, the things that don’t take a lot of time, but have a massive impact, you know, and that’s a really fun game to try to win.” (21:11)

About Jason Jaggard:

Jason Jaggard is an entrepreneur, coach, author, and speaker dedicated to inspiring the world to pursue nobility. His work has been translated into over 50 languages and featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Market Watch, Under30CEO, The Global Leadership Network, and Chief Executive Magazine. He is the founder and CEO of Novus Global, a community of elite executive coaches pursuing coaching mastery together, serving the world’s best leaders and teams to go beyond high performance.

Jason is also the co-founder of The Meta Performance Institute, a non-traditional incubator for world-class coaching, leadership, and management. He is the executive producer and primary host for the award-winning Beyond High-Performance Podcast, featuring interviews with world-class executive coaches, billionaires, NYT bestselling authors, business leaders, professional athletes, activists, and award-winning entertainers. His book, Beyond High Performance: How the Best Coaches Get Better, can be found wherever books are sold.

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About CJ Martindale:

CJ helps ambitious professionals and teams stand out in their careers. CJ is part of an elite tribe called Novus Global, where they deliver executive coaching to Fortune 500 companies, athletes, celebrities, and anyone who wants to change their lives! CJ has spent the last 7 years developing his coaching, learning, and effectiveness in self-development through the power of ontological coaching. A recent popular study found a 53% increase in productivity for executives who receive coaching. In addition, the study found that every $1 invested returned $7.90 to the company.

CJ’s mission as an executive coach is to create individuals, teams, and cultures to step into what they once thought impossible. Together, create a powerful vision that is both exhilarating and strategic and that gets you to a life worth living fast and without burning out.

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