Building Empires and Strong Relationships with David Solomon

January 2, 2024

Melanie Johnson co-owner of Elite Online Publishing and Julie Solomon Cotuno, interview David Solomon about the world of high-stakes business, family values, and the pursuit of a meaningful legacy. He opens up about the challenges and triumphs of his career, from securing a significant loan to jumpstart his ventures to mastering the art of hotel acquisition and management. 

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Value Relationships Over Transactions.
  • Significance of Mentorship and Guidance.
  • Building a Legacy Beyond Wealth.


“He said, if you can go get a job in the stock brokerage business, we do 5 percent of the volume on the New York Stock Exchange on a daily basis. We can take the risk out of going into business. I got a job. And he lived up to his things. I’m not going to make you rich. I’m going to take the risk out. And thus my career began.” (05:24)

“And so anybody starting out, finding something that has longevity, sustainability is my advice there. I still look for some form of value. You’re not going to find the distressed level that I found. But buying a little bit better than the guy on the street is a huge advantage.” (16:56)

“Having looked back successful. Yes. Money could be a piece of it, but happiness for the people around you. Joy was relationships. I think in my mind, if I walk into a restaurant, I treat the waiters as if they’ve been my best friend for years. My relationships are very important to me.” (22:44)

About David Solomon:

David Solomon is a Partner and board member of U.S. Capital Advisors LLC.  Previously David founded, chaired, and was CEO of Condera Advisors which was acquired by U.S. Capital Advisors. Condera Advisors, a Houston-based boutique advisory firm with a focus on alternative investments, was formed in 2008 when then-CEO David Solomon and President Phil Philibosian acquired Redstone Asset Management from The Redstone Companies.

At the time, David was serving as Chairman and CEO of Redstone. The company was renamed Condera Advisors, and the change allowed David and his team to further concentrate on providing high-end diligence and portfolio construction using traditional and alternative asset classes for their clients. While previously serving as Chairman and CEO of The Redstone Companies, a Houston-based investment firm that specialized in wealth management, private equity, and real estate, Mr. Solomon oversaw the strategic direction of the company and was responsible for establishing a traditional asset advisory platform offering multi-manager investment portfolios for traditional and alternative investment strategies.

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