DG Zitting Unveils a Futuristic World in ‘Threads of a Needle’

February 1, 2024

#1 International Bestselling Author DG Zitting releases his book “Threads of a Needle: A Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Journey through Dimensional Probabilities”


#1 International Bestselling Author DG Zitting releases his book “Threads of a Needle: A Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Journey through Dimensional Probabilities”

SALT LAKE CITY, UT– Thursday, February 1st, 2024 – Author DG Zitting joined the ranks of bestselling authors on Amazon with his New Book, “Threads of a Needle: A Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Journey through Dimensional Probabilities”, which was released Tuesday, January 30th, 2024, by Amazon.com – the nation’s #1 place to buy books.

DG Zitting, a seasoned entrepreneur in real estate finance and financial technology, infuses his rich experience and eclectic interests into his novel. His passion for science, technology, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality vividly informs “Threads of a Needle,” which explores the depths of human consciousness. The book centers around the Quantum Thought Dynamics-AI Protocol (QTD-AI), a novel technology created by the protagonist’s parents that transforms and digitizes human thought. This advancement merges consciousness with physical reality, unveiling both groundbreaking possibilities and challenging ethical questions. “Threads of a Needle” is not just a sci-fi adventure; it’s a reflection of Zitting’s multifaceted life journey, offering readers a glimpse into the potential futures shaped by our collective consciousness.

Congratulations to author DG Zitting on becoming a #1 International Bestseller! Elite Online Publishing marketed, promoted, and reached #1 International Bestseller in SIX categories in the USA, CA and Australia. Including Quantum Theory in Australia and Neuropsychology, Quantum Theory, and Religious Science Fiction & Fantasy in the USA and CA. He also achieved SIX #1 Hot New Release categories in the USA, CA and Australia.
You can buy the book here: Threads of a Needle: A Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Journey through Dimensional Probabilities
You can also support the book by visiting his website and subscribing to his podcast, “The Solving for R Podcast.


Embark on a captivating journey into a not-so-distant future where the world teeters on the edge of transformation. Meet Hope Valencia, one of the world’s most accomplished PT-SOF agents for the League of Consciousness, as she embarks on a mission that defies the boundaries of time and space. Her adventure commences in the future city of Amsterdam, cloaked in an aura of uncertainty, where a cryptic task awaits her.

    In this uncertain future, technology has taken an unexpected turn, controlled by powerful media conglomerates. What was meant to propel humanity’s progress has become a tool of manipulation, ensnaring humanity through the technological programming of belief systems.

At the heart of this turmoil lies a profound discovery made by Hope’s own father, Dr. Gabriel Valencia. He, along with Hope’s mother Ella Valencia, discovered the Trans-Dimensional Probability Threads, a groundbreaking revelation that bridges the chasm between consciousness and the physical world around us. With the invention of Quantum Thought Dynamics-AI Protocol (QTD-AI), the streams of thoughts coursing through the human mind can now be harnessed, digitally rendered, and utilized for experimentation. For the first time in history, science has the ability to digitally read people’s minds, but its implications extend far beyond what the Valencia’s had anticipated.

The invention of QTD-AI provides evidence of a multiverse, where every belief-based choice spawns new realities. At the heart of this discovery lies a powerful equation, B∈E+T=R, a symbol of the infinite choices available to every individual and society as a whole.

Join Hope Valencia as she embarks on a perilous journey, navigating extraordinary challenges that transcend both physical and metaphysical realities. Every step she takes defies the boundaries of our understanding, unraveling the very fabric of reality and unveiling hidden truths and untapped potentials.

       As you immerse yourself in Hope’s quest, consider not only the intricacies of her mission but also the profound implications it holds for your own life. Explore the intricate interplay of your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions as they weave the tapestry of the world you inhabit. What if the boundaries of your reality were far more malleable than you ever dared to imagine?


DG Zitting is a seasoned entrepreneur with a career spanning over three decades in real estate finance and financial technology. He has successfully led national business firms to significant achievements.

Beyond his thriving professional journey, Zitting’s insatiable curiosity spans various domains, including science, technology, philosophy, psychology, and non-denominational spirituality. This lifelong quest for knowledge has unveiled profound insights into the greater reality of the world and universe.

What sets Zitting apart is his ability to translate this wisdom into both his personal life and business ventures, yielding resounding success. As a co-founder and leader of firms employing over two thousand individuals and achieving billions in sales volume objectives, Zitting attributes his accomplishments to transformative insights gained along his remarkable journey.

By infusing his knowledge into every facet of life, including business, family, friendships, hobbies, and passions, Zitting has created a distinct advantage in navigating life’s intricate game. He has also established the B∈E+T=R Life Strategy (BETR), recognizing the pivotal role of beliefs—conscious and subconscious—in shaping reality. This philosophy is elegantly summarized in his symbolic equation, B∈E+T=R, where Beliefs, Emotions, and Thoughts align to shape the probable thread of Reality, empowering others to choose the reality they wish to experience. 


This book was published by Elite Online Publishing, Authority In Every Word. Writing is just the beginning. It’s about ensuring your book helps you smartly grow your brand, business, and credibility. Founders Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster built Elite Online Publishing with a singular purpose in mind: to empower you to deliver authority in every word you write. They, along with their team of experienced publishers, deliver a high-touch and high-impact experience for creating, publishing, and marketing bestselling books. In fact, they are passionate about more than telling great stories. They are adamant about proving the value of your perspective and expertise by ensuring you become a bestselling author. No matter where you are in the book writing process, Elite Online Publishing is your partner for creating, publishing, and marketing your bestselling book. For more information, visit eliteonlinepublishing.com and tune into the Elite Expert Insider Podcast and the Elite Publishing Podcast.

A donation was made in DG Zitting’s name on behalf of Elite Online Publishing to sponsor a child at the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation—the child will receive 6 books of their choice provided by the foundation. An additional donation was made to the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, providing an Imagination Library book to a child each month for 1 year!

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