Effective Time Strategies for Entrepreneurs with Mike Abramowitz

June 3, 2024

Jenn Foster co-owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews Mike Abramowitz, a seasoned entrepreneur with a compelling journey from his early sales days with Cutco kitchen knives to becoming an influential business coach and bestselling author.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Time Management

  • Communication Guidelines

  • Client Retention


“Too many business owners build their priorities around their business, and they do the business stuff first versus let’s build the business around our priorities.” (05:04)

“It’s like, now that we’re 100 days in, what have you learned? What have you gained? Where are you at? And then looking forward, what do you still want?” (11:32)

“Getting me on podcast is managed for me because my team is able to write for me as me, and it doesn’t have to be by me because they’ve trained the chat GPT to be able to do it in my tone for my avatar, representing my brand.” (19:13)

About Mike Abramowitz:

He is an accomplished author, speaker, coach, and philanthropist. He has written 9 books, 2 of which reached #1 on Amazon, and has been featured in both local and national media for his achievements and his efforts to feed the homeless through his PB&J for Tampa Bay initiative, which has provided over 100,000 meals since 2015.

Life took a dramatic turn for Mike and his wife, Lindsay, on December 31, 2020, when their son, James, was born weighing 1 pound 4 ounces. After 254 challenging days in the NICU, they could finally bring James home. This experience prompted Lindsay to become a full-time medical mama, leaving her professional career behind.

Despite these personal trials, Mike’s strong business acumen allowed him to net six figures during those 8 months, all while being there for his family. To make up for Lindsay’s loss of income and recognizing the struggles of other entrepreneurs, Mike employed his expertise in automation, delegation, and systemization and became a partner with the company, “Better Than Rich.”

He’s since transformed the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs, offering them tools to maximize their time and efficiency.

His ‘Operator to Owner’ program is a testament to this, teaching students to leverage a team of Virtual Assistants and streamline business operations. These strategies, honed during Mike’s personal adversities, are now aiding countless others.

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