Fatal Mistakes Authors Make When Choosing a Publisher

December 5, 2018

7 Fatal Mistakes Authors Make When Choosing a Publisher that cost them Thousands.

#1 Lost Publishing Rights

-Your rights are valuable. Keep control of the content and distribution.  Read your contract. Your rights should clearly stay with you.

#2 Speed Over Quality

– After the time it took to write your book, do you want it published right, or overnight? Don’t sacrifice quality and service. High-quality book publication should take between 6-15 weeks.

#3 No Marketing Support

Successful publishing includes marketing. Pick a publisher that includes marketing blueprint. Industry Standard is a three to twelve month online marketing campaign plus publicity advice, and promotional tactics for the lifetime of your book.

#4 Focusing Only On Print

-It’s a mistake to only have a print version of your book.  Good publishers offer your book on both Kindle (ebook) and paperback.  Be sure to select a publisher that can make your book available through as many channels as possible.

#5 Focusing Only On Up-Front Costs
-You get what you pay for. Be cautious of the publishers that offer the cheap up front prices They will usually get you in the back end.  Get a full publishing package with all the bells and whistles to begin with.

#6 Failure to Become #1

-You worked hard on your book, why wouldn’t your publisher help you achieve a #1 Best Seller.  Make sure your publisher has a best selling marketing campaign.

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