Gari Meacham Interview Author of Spirit Hunger – Prayer Book

March 7, 2016

Gari Meacham Interview Author of Spirit Hunger – Prayer Book Gari Meacham Interview – Author of Spirit Hunger – Prayer Book
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Gari Meacham’s Bio from her bio page:

garimeachamphotoI hate formal sounding bio pages where the author is talked about in third person—so instead of having you read something that sounds bland and impersonal, I’d rather you get a feel for what I’m truly like, so here goes.

I love words.  Spoken, unspoken, written, recited, or sung.  I love the way words can change, challenge, and heal us.  Mostly, I love God’s words…the bible.  His words have healed me, changed me, and sustained me.  I think that’s why it’s my favorite thing to talk about.  To me there’s nothing more exciting than finding something new about God I can brag on.

I love my family.  My husband Bobby and I have been married for over thirty years, and my stomach still tingles when I know he’s coming home from a road trip.  When you’ve been in love with someone that long you’ve lived through your share of bruises, but at the end of the day he’s the one I want to hold and huddle with.  We have three fantastic kids and two insanely cute grandbabies.  Each day I thank God for entrusting me with such gifts.

I adore baseball.  Bobby and I have traipsed this country over 47 times moving from state to state with major league baseball in our rearview.  There’s nothing like the sound of fireworks after a home-run, or the feel of gathering together with other baseball wives as we study God’s word and pray for our team.

I thrive on teaching and speaking to groups of God seekers.  In any setting, these are my people.  Nothing energizes me more than the look in the eyes of those who want to grow spiritually.

I call myself shabby chic because although I’m a bit banged up, I can look pretty cool if you see me from a distance.  Don’t expect perfection—just an honest, authentic love for God and His people.  That’s me…




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