Grow Your Client Base And Increase Sales With A Book

March 2, 2018

Books are amazing sales tools!

Here we’ll touch on three ways to make money from writing a book. However, there are literally hundreds!  

1. A book can draw in clients –

This work especially well with B2B services, like marketing or advertising, a book is a huge asset in drawing and closing clients. In her past life with her an online marketing, company, Jenn used her books to draw in and close clients. When she walked into a room to pitch a CMO, she would bring copies of her book with her to reinforce all the points she makes. It’s 10 times better than a brochure or anything else you could leave.

It’s also a great tool to send to a potential client as a follow-up gift or a gift to get you into that client you’ve been wanting an appointment with.  Sending a copy of your book gets you past the gatekeeper. A gatekeeper isn’t going to know that their boss didn’t order something from Amazon for themselves.  They’ll put it right on your potential client’s desk. Not many professionals our there have a book, much less a bestselling book, explaining their services.  You will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

2. A book can promote “done for you” services –

Book Writing Bible and Book Writing Fast Pass Workbook are great examples. We have written several books that explain our process. The workbook even includes templates we use with authors. Why would we do that? It’s the simple logic. Our books show potential authors our process so they can understand it and see how great it is. Saying our process is great is totally different than showing it.

We’ve had many clients who were skeptical, read one of the books and say, “This is great, I can do it myself.” Many realized their time was too valuable and came back to us as clients.

3. A book can sell products –

Another very profitable way to monetize a book is by using it to promote a physical product. Go search on Amazon under books for “lose weight” or “eat paleo.” You’ll see thousands of books, and a lot of them are essentially buyer’s guides for physical products, like supplements, food companies or one-off products. These books can work to sell supplements and food that people can buy from the author. They don’t have to buy them, but it’s there, easy to do, and the books and product dovetail perfectly.

Think about it. Would you respond to an ad about supplements? Probably not. But what about a book that teaches you what supplements to take, when and why? If you trust the book, you’ll trust the supplement recommendations. If you have a great book and a great site it automatically gives your supplement recommendations more credibility, and people are more likely to buy your brand.

The same goes for all types of products. Give great information about challenges people might be facing and explain how your product solves all those challenges. This reinforces the need or the ‘why to buy’ and then you provide the obvious solution the to the challenges when you introduce your product. Then watch as sales increase.

Conclusion –

You can find several other ways to maximize profits from writing a book in “Books to Bucks” available on However, you will notice that they point to many things other than book sales.  Books are great tools to make money in different ways the least of which is by actually selling your book. In many cases, you can generate much more money through giving your book away.

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