How a Book Can Create a Following and Launch a Consulting Career

March 23, 2018

When you consider writing a book here a few opportunities beyond book sales. Books open doors to so much more.

A book can take a consulting or coaching business to the next level-

Several of our clients at Elite Online Publishing are coaches or consultants. Once you reach a certain level of success — enough to afford us — a book helps propel them to the next level. A book can take you from having a few clients to building an actual business.

Some think, “If I write a book talking about what I know, then why would people hire me to be a consultant?”

The book is how people find you. It can put you on the map and make people want to hire you. Most of what you teach people in the book they will end up paying you to help them apply in their lives and then you can share other things that aren’t in your book to keep them moving forward with you as their coach in life, business or both.

A book can lead to interviews which can allow clients to see you in totally different ways. Interviews about your book can position you as the expert in your field. When you put what you know in a book it can get you hired as some people want to know what you know before they hire you.

People who hire consultants and coaches are hiring them to teach on implementing their knowledge. They’re often not looking to learn the knowledge in the book. The book is how you show them why they should hire you.

A book can launch workshops and group teaching-

Many consultants and speakers also do group workshops or teaching. Businesses bring you in to teach your method to their employees. It’s relatively easy to get larger businesses to pay you to teach a one-day workshop to their employees on your topic. So few people take the time to read all the way through a book, they want a more personal approach to training.

Most employers know, if they pass out a book, their employees will only read part or any of it. If they get the author to speak and answer questions for a day, they know they employees will actually be taught the lessons.

The workshop and book reinforce each other. The book leads people to the workshop, and then you sell copies of your book to those who attend.

A book can launch and promote paid community/mastermind groups.

Many people who have created paid masterminds, had their clients find out about them and want to join their group because they’ve written books that show and share their knowledge.

Your book can explain exactly how to built and run a mastermind group or be a successful networker and connector. This, in turn, ends up driving clients to your group, which can be set up as a paid community and/or meet-up group.

Stay tuned for more ideas on generating money with a book aside from book sales.



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