Increasing Your Business Leads with Mario Fachini

February 21, 2022

Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Mario Fachini about his new book, The Expert Authority Effect Publishing Method, learn how to Increase your leads and profit elegantly.

About The Book:

Imagine being able to spend more time with your family, friends, exercising, reading, cooking fresh meals, traveling, or relaxing the best way you know how, instead of continuing to waste your time on things day to day that really isn’t moving the needle? What If I told you that it wouldn’t require you to really learn anything new and all you need is your existing expertise?

Listen Below:

Watch Below:

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to use the #1 shortcut to publish your book.
  • How to print your book like the professionals.
  • How to sell more copies of your book.


“When I’m taking people through the process I have seven P’s, and real quickly, its purpose, position, plan, publish, publicity, profit, and philanthropy.” (9:33)

“I have a lot of hope, but I always back it up with some concrete testing and figuring out ways to improve and innovate.” (19:40)

“Don’t feel like you need to outsource before you know what the heck is going on, because we’re talking about the branding here.” (31:28)

About Mario Fachini:

As a high school educated, college drop out, Mario Fachini never had a “real” job, he spent years as a dead-broke web designer wasting too much time chasing down (the wrong) clients, believing in his heart that the sky’s the limit, but waking up everyday feeling like because of his background, for him, the limits the sky.

Until he refined & enhanced the publishing & promotion process of his first books to attract prospects to him, with little effort using the tools & knowledge that I already had in my business at his everyday disposal!

Now, he’s one of the most in-demand business book marketing-centric publishers in the country, having prospective author clients now APPLY for his training & concierge services, thank him for the opportunity, and sharing in the joy of creating the transformation in their business (which he does with his team in 55 days or less) that he’s had the blessing of experiencing in his, having helped his clients in total generate over $1 million in new sales.

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