J.L. Phillips is now featured on Book Connect

July 3, 2020

For Immediate Release

July 3, 2020

J.L. Phillips is now featured on Book Connect.

Author J.L. Phillips is now offering her book, Power Lies, as a free download for a limited time. In exchange for the free book, she is asking for a review of the book on Amazon or on her website.

About the Book

Unearth the deadly secret of power lines and the lies surrounding them!

Power Lies is a captivating thriller that dives into the conspiracy of power lines that kill and a corrupt industry that knows it. 

Follow Sterling Barrington, Public Relations Vice President for The Franklin Energy Institute, as she investigates this cover-up from within the bowels of the beast. The Institute’s archives lead Barrington to a retiree ready to reveal the mysterious industry’s lies. When her lead shows up dead that she realized just how dangerous of a game she is playing.

In her journey, Sterling encounters murder, arrest, threats, and assault. All of which are the least of her trials, when she finds herself to be the target of an assassination attempt.

​Despite these tribulations and great risks, she remains determined to expose the corruption and reveal the truth of these Power Lies.

About J.L. Phillips

Jana Laird Phillips is a native Texan, who has lived and worked in Dallas, Washington DC, and Houston. 

Ms. Phillip’s writing career began at an early age when she won a city-wide essay contest “What Thanksgiving Means to Me” in the fourth grade.  She continued her writing with short stories that were published in her high school’s literary magazine.  Ms. Phillips was an honor student, a National Honors Society member and officer, a class officer, a member of the Student Council, and the lead in the Senior Play. In her Senior Year, she was chosen by the yearbook chair and committee as the Outstanding Female of the class. 

She is a BBA graduate of Baylor University with a double major in Marketing and Journalism.  She was a member of the business honor society, Alpha Kappa Psi. While at Baylor University she worked on the school paper, The Lariat, and in the Public Affairs office.  She was very involved with her organizations and was a member of the Homecoming Court in her junior year. She was a member of the public relations student society (PRSSA). She was one of three journalism students chosen to attend an advertising/marketing seminar in Dallas.

Ms. Phillips began her career in the Electric Industry with Texas Power & Light, where she worked on utility rate cases, wrote accounting procedural manuals, and was in the first marketing department at the utility.  She was a Loaned Executive to the United Way and ran the company’s United Way Campaign two years.  She was a member and officer of the PAC. During that time period, the anti-electric industry groups were very active protesting the threat of power lines causing cancer, and the building of the nuclear plant.

While at the utility she created a program to educate banks, realtors, and the home building industries on the positive benefits of energy-efficient construction, and equipment. When the annual Architects Interior Association (AIA) was in Dallas, she coordinated a tour of one of the most energy-efficient new home construction for the convention attendees. When the International Electrical Engineering Exposition (IEEE) was held in Dallas and the utility was the host, Ms, Phillips was in charge of tours to plants and other off-site places for the attendees.

With her extensive work with the Homebuilders Association, she was awarded the top award of the year.  The utility CEO was also the Chairman of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, and he asked Ms. Phillips to be on his team to recruit new members. Ms. Phillips signed up the newest members that year for the Chamber and was commended for her work.

She moved to Washington, DC, and worked at the trade association for the electric industry, Edison Electric Institute (EEI). While at EEI she worked with the electric utilities across the US, and seven commercial industries to promote energy efficiency in building and retrofit. While at EEI she began writing Power Lies, Ms. Phillips expanded the National Accounts program where she was the liaison to the utility member, vendors, and seven different commercial industries. She represented the trade association at conventions, organized her national conventions for utility members, commercial customers, and vendors, spoke at regional and national conventions, and wrote articles for energy and other government studies.

Ms. Phillips moved to Houston and worked with Energy trade journals writing articles, and business development. Ms. Phillips went to the Houston office of the New York Mercantile Exchange, (NYMEX) when electricity began to be traded.

As electricity deregulation became the new norm, her next position was at Calpine, a power plant building company, where she worked as a liaison to the Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO), and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in regards to Calpine building plants.

In Houston, she is involved in many charities as members and officers. She was Chair of the American Red Cross Ball, and as a member of the Rotary club, she was on the Lombardi Award committee. 

Ms. Phillips did contract writing for Energy companies and wrote articles for several Energy trade journals. She is currently the publisher/owner of an online magazine, www.houstonhipandhaute.com 

Ms. Phillips enjoys meeting new people for her online magazine and is working on her next Sterling Barrington Novel.


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