How To Get The Best Deal On Your Car With Jim Rhoads

January 7, 2019

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Jim Rhoads about how to get the best deal on your car.

Jim Rhoads, Founder and CEO of The Octane Group, is an entrepreneur and consultant who has worked his entire career in retail.  With specific focus on automotive retail and finance dating back to 1996. Jim is a well respected consultant, analyst, and trainer.  He continues to bring onsite success in dealerships in dozens of states.

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Show Notes-

  • Many people don’t feel like they can trust new or used car dealerships
  • When you have bad credit it’s important to know that there are people to help
  • When you start a business make sure you have a SMART business plan


“you know, there’s kind of an adversarial thing where consumers feel like the dealership or salesperson is trying to get in their pocket and so there’s always a kind of a posturing thing that goes on in the car business.” (3:38)

“I always say, some of us have three or four careers in us throughout our lives” (5:45)

we ultimately are trying to help our car dealers do their business more efficiently so that they can provide that same level of service to the end consumer at a more affordable rate” (8:39)

“If you’re contemplating starting a business, seek some real counsel get some real professional advice.” (16:04)

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