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Podcast Interview with Joshua M. Evans – Enthusiastic You!

January 23, 2016

About the Author

Joshua M. Evans

Joshua Evans is the founder of Enthusiastic You! a motivational consulting and sales training organization. Growing up just outside of a major US city, his natural disposition of enthusiasm caused him to gravitate towards working closely with people. His energy and passion lead him into a career of professional sales where he honed his talent and built his business. While his energetic personality was a welcome addition in sales organizations, he became very aware that his passionate attitude was rare. Using his energy to incite enthusiasm in others became a personal mission. With this goal in mind, he developed Enthusiastic You! His tactics for becoming enthusiastic were created with a focus on helping people in both business and in their daily lives. Everyone deserves to be passionate and to be unapologetically enthusiastic. Josh has dedicated himself to providing each and every person with the tools to become enthusiastic.

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Hot Chicks Write Hot Books Podcast Episode  #29- Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster Interview Joshua M. Evans, Best Selling Author! In this interview the authors talk about how to write a book and publish it on Amazon.  They answer your questions about becoming a best selling author. How to make money with your book and more.
Hot Chicks Write Hot Books is a company helping people who want to become an expert, authority and star in your niche by writing a book. We have systematized the book writing Process For you, saving you time, money and effort. We’ve created a podcast to help you in the book writing process. For more information you can text your name and email to 1(832) 572-5285
More information about Joshua M. Evans can be found at

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