Make An Impact With Patty Farmer

October 12, 2020

Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Patty Farmer about how to make your message more meaningful, and leverage your content.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to promote other people to promote you.
  • How to connect with people by asking them who they serve.
  • How to use business cards efficiently.


“I made a decision today that in one year, I’m going to know 100,000 entrepreneurs, and I’m gonna make $100,000 doing it. I did it in nine months.” (2:17)

“The Best Collaboration partner you’re ever going to find is somebody who serves the same audience as you.” (11:36)

“The only difference between a contact, and a contract is the R. And the R stands for relationships.” (20:52)

About Patty Farmer:

Patty helps business owners just like you take charge of your business once and for all. To stop feeling stuck in a business that isn’t serving you and start designing their entire business to support the lifestyle you want. Whether you are struggling to structure your offers and your pricing… you’re overwhelmed but aren’t sure how to continue to grow without burning out… or the never ending options on how to market your business have you stuck where you are because you can’t seem to make a decision… She’s here to help you create the business that you know you can have. In the last 20+ years Patty’s been in business, she’s helped entrepreneurs, speakers and small business owners just like you create and utilize networks and grow their businesses without resorting to cookie cutter tactics or sleazy strategies that don’t align with who they are… she’s shown them how to connect and collaborate with one another, convert more prospects to paying customers, and to live a life outside the box on your terms.

Marketing, Media, and Money

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