Mastering Your Voice: Singing and Speaking Success with Jeremy Fisher

July 9, 2024

Jenn Foster co-owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews Jeremy Fisher, a prolific author from the UK with 13 books to his name. But Jeremy’s expertise goes beyond writing; he’s also a seasoned voice coach and musician, with an impressive background in piano and singing.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Turning Passion into Business

  • Effective Communication Techniques

  • Vocal Coaching


“Because I’ve been, I was a freelance musician for years, and therefore, you’re working for yourself. You’re working with yourself, you know, and you’re basically, you’re using your talents, and then to turn it into a business is quite a step.” (05:15)

“There’s all sorts of things that you can then transfer into a speaking voice. And so I’ve been working with presenters, I’ve been working with voiceover artists, and I’ve been working with podcast guests, podcast hosts as well, because there’s something about when you have information, and a lot of entrepreneurs have really good information, really powerful information, but how do they get it across?” (10:16)

“If you want to get the point across, then you can speed up and then you slow down with anything interesting. And as a voiceover artist, I do a lot of really complicated voiceovers where you have to get a brand name out or you have to get a really specific piece of information that the client wants to highlight. And what then happens is that you slow down at that point so that people go, oh, that’s the interesting bit. That’s the important bit.” (17:36)

About Jeremy Fisher:

Jeremy Fisher is a national prizewinning collaborative pianist, CPD accredited vocal coach and #1 bestselling author of This Is A Voice, Why Do I Need A Vocal Coach, How To Sing Legato, Successful Singing Auditions, and more.

His goal is to get clear, practical singing information out in whatever format works for the singer. He uses a combination of cutting-edge vocal physiology, high-level musicianship and performance intuition to help singers and singing teachers access their unique skills.

Jeremy has performed for more than 40 years as a collaborative pianist, vocal coach, and opera repetiteur in every venue imaginable, including a tank museum, a department store window, in front of the royal family at Madam Tussauds, and 150 feet underground in a pothole.

He works with musical theatre performers, actors, classical singers, and songwriters on repertoire, style, performance, integration, and career growth.

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