New Book Cover for Lexi Quisenberry

June 20, 2016

Great New Book cover for Author Lexi Quisenberry.


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Lexi Quisenberry’s inspiring story guides young mothers to find their purpose, faith, strength and how to conquer motherhood at a young age. Lexi shares her life experiences on how she met the challenges of becoming a teenage mother at the age of 18. Her book gives young mothers the guide to coping with criticism, gaining confidence, building faith, finding purpose and conquering motherhood.
Lexi Quisenberry is a proud mother and wife. She is an author, entrepreneur and business owner. The President of All Out Media LLC. an online advertising and marketing company. She is devoted to helping struggling moms with finding faith and purpose. The new Author of The Art of Becoming a Young Mother: The Ultimate Guide For Young Mothers on How to Overcome Criticism, Gain Confidence, Build Faith, Find Your Purpose, and Conquer Motherhood.
She is a mother of two happy and thriving children. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. A Devoted Christian and passionate mother, Mrs Quisenberry lives a healthy lifestyle, loves to cook and entertain. She enjoys traveling and being outdoors.

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