Finding Your Flow With Sarah Prince

November 5, 2018

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with Sarah Prince about how to adapt to the daily tasks of life. Sarah helps you when you feel lost, having succeeded in the “realistic” world, be able to create fulfillment in your life by finding clarity in your dreams, carving a path to get there, and doing so without sacrificing anything that you love. Let’s find your flow!


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well we got another great show at elite expert insider podcast for you. You know if you’re feeling like you’re struggling against the grind every day that you want to improve yourself but you just don’t have time you’re mentally exhausted every day man I have that sometimes I’m just like I cobwebs in my head. We’re going to talk to an expert today Sarah prints about how to overcome some of those things. And you know, like you want to quit carbs, you want to quit. She was like I’m quitting my job. I’m quitting carb and putting on him Stop saying I’m going to quit them going to actually do it. So we have a great show for you. And you’ll speaking of that daily grind, Jen and I developed a great daily planner that helps keep you organized, focused, get what you need to get done. If you have a video you can see an elite planner. It’s just so awesome. It starts out with your goals for the month, the goals for the week, the thing that moves you forward what you’re grateful for the ones want to learn. So if you want to get ahead and you’re looking for that plan or Bible, I’m going to call it because it’s like the master planner. Look on Amazon for elite planner. So let’s get started. Sarah, welcome today. And thanks. You’re going to give us such great content. We’re looking forward to it.

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Hey, you know, I am truly honored. I’m way excited. And thank you for having me.

Unknown 1:46
Well, tell us a little bit about yourself, Sarah, and kind of how you got to this point now of being your own boss and having your own business?

Unknown 1:54
Sure. Sure. It’s a you want the 30 minute version or the three minute version? Well, cut it down record time. So you know, it’s

Unknown 2:03

Unknown 2:05
no, I’m just joking. I was the mom that followed the, quote, realistic path. You know, I went to school for engineering. And I convinced myself that that is something I love to do. And I went through a long, long time of living in the corporate world and doing things that I actually didn’t enjoy. And it took a really hard wake up call. One day when I realized that I hated what I was doing, right? I had only done it for the money or for the good,

Unknown 2:38
what’s the word benefits, good benefits. And I really tell much how unhappy I was even though I had done everything right,

Unknown 2:46
right. Those of us

Unknown 2:48
that are on video, you can see I’m I’m doing air quotes a lot. And I was at this little women’s luncheon seminar thing. And the speaker asked me directly what is that you want out of your life. And I was in this huge transitional time of realizing I didn’t like my job. I didn’t like what I was doing. And I couldn’t figure out what I wanted. I had as a mom and working a business, all of us really were taught so much to give and serve, you take care of others before you take care of you. You’ve got kids to feed. And I was at that point where I’d completely forgotten who I was. And I, I didn’t know what I wanted in life anymore. And so I started making huge changes. And you talked about quitting earlier, right. And I set a goal to quit my job in 2017. And because I started remembering who I wasn’t what I wanted. And lo and behold, three months later, after I set that goal, I was laid off. And I was so excited. So I started doing more of what I loved. I started figuring out how am I going to turn my side hustle from home into a full time thing that I love doing. And that’s the long and the short of it. Sometimes we have experiences where we are immediately humbled. And we’re just slammed into something rough. And it makes us change. But it helps us become so much aware of what

Unknown 4:20
what we love to do, right, how to serve others in a way that also supports us. And so that’s a little bit about me, I’m a mom, I have three little boys, my husband’s an artist, and I speak and podcast and educate folks all over the world.

Unknown 4:37
Awesome. And I love that now you have a podcast, and you were saying you’re traveling. I love that you can be on the fly, you can do your own thing. It’s grown time, set your own goals. And I love that you were saying, you know, you had made that goal to quit your job. And then even though you weren’t able to quit, you got laid off, you were able to pursue those dreams and desires because you are like, Okay, I’m going to take action now.

Unknown 5:03
Yeah, yeah, it was a huge blessing.

Unknown 5:06
Yeah, so so many women are, are, are even meant to are in this space, that they don’t really like what they’re doing that they’re in those spaces that you are in, how do you help them transition, it sounds like that’s what you help people do to find that inner peace and live the life of their dreams. So walk us through some of the processes to get there.

Unknown 5:25
Absolutely. Because a lot of folks, they’ll realize, you know, Sarah, I want to make these huge changes in my life, no matter what they are, won’t change job, change career, start a business. But what they don’t understand is that it’s not just, oh, I need to up and quit my job, or I need to completely restructure my life in a day. It doesn’t happen like that, right? It’s it’s a much, much more intimate process. And so I helped take them step by step into understanding, okay, the pages that you want in your life, no matter what they are, what are actually the feelings and the results you want from those changes, right. Because we think we’re seeking an achievement, or we’re think we’re seeking a goal being met. But it’s actually the feeling of having that thing, the feeling of experiencing that desire is what we truly are looking for. Because so many of us and I, I did this to, we achieve a goal we think we want, but then we don’t feel the joy and fulfillment and success that we thought it would bring us. And so we take a step back, and I help them see that what you’re looking for is the feeling. And we determine what that is, I walk them through process to help them rediscover the wants that they want the desire or the feelings that go along with those desires. And then we start working on them before we can take any roadmap or make a plan of how they’re going to literally change their external life, we have to actually dig deep into them. Because so many driven and successful folks, they’re very action oriented, they do they get goals, they get making a plan and acting on it, right, which is what we’re taught so much to do, like, just take action, right, and you’ll get everything you want, I help them okay, let’s put on the brakes a little bit, you’ve mastered this area, you’ve mastered taking action, right. But that is all on the physical exterior. And what these folks don’t realize. And I was in the same boat is there are three levels inside of you that you haven’t been nurturing and supporting, as well as the outside of you, the action part. And so I walk them through a process so that they can understand what are their mental needs, what are their emotional needs, what are their spiritual needs that are going to support them from the inside out so that their physical actions will actually bring those feelings of fulfillment and joy that they want. And so it’s unique to everyone. Because we all have different desires, we all have different goals and different traits. And so I help them uncover where they need to focus on inside in order to bring it out fully. So you can feel fulfilled and joy, the exact feelings that you’re seeking, you can feel that within a day, without your circumstances, changing at all. And that’s what we that’s the starting step right there.

Unknown 8:41
Yeah, I love that. I think a lot of times whether, you know, business owners, entrepreneurs, even if you have a job, a lot of times you whether you’re a mom, or a dad, or a single parent, or, or married parent, you’re thinking about all these things, you have to get on the outside the action steps, you’re thinking about all these things, and you don’t stop to think about the inside and you and how you feel or your mist are or what you’re thinking about it, you just are doing all these things. I remember taking a I had to do take a survey at a doctor’s office. And it was asking me all these questions. And it was when my kids were a little bit little or and the questions were all about how I felt like, do you feel tired of this time? Do you feel in all these different feelings? And do you have stomach aches, all these different things? And I’m like, I don’t know, I’ve never really stopped to say how am I feeling right now? Like I’ve never had that moment because I’m yeah, on the go all the time, worrying about how my kids are feeling burdened by my husband is feeling worrying about how what what needs to be done the business worrying about the laundry or whatever, like you’re just do, I was doing everything besides thinking about myself. And I think sometimes you do have to take that step back. And like you said, and assess, how do you feel? And how do you want to fill

Unknown 9:54
Yeah, and awareness about that, right, because we get cold. so caught up in the doing that we’re not aware of what we’re actually doing to ourselves. And we’ve lost that ability to take care of ourselves from the inside. I mean, the world has evolved really well about taking care of our physical bodies and being clean. But I say, you know what, self care and self love is so much more than just showing your face. That’s just plain hygiene, right? And so I’m so excited because the world is really waking up to this idea that if you want to be successful in business, if you want to be successful with your goals, or life or any achievement that you want to have is it comes from the inside out and so I love all this knowledge, this blossoming blossoming into the world right now about that.

Unknown 10:42
Yeah, so many can I find teenagers, whether it’s teen agers all the way up to, you know, adults, but there’s an epidemic among teenagers, that they’re having suicides, and a lot of it is they don’t feel like they’re enough. They don’t know who they are. And it’s trying to find who who that is, what do you do when you go into a company that transitions what kind of what kind of results are you saying, When you walk them through this process for employees, whether it’s a, you know, like Jen and I are a small Corporation, so, but there’s tons of entrepreneurs out there, that might be a one or two person shop, versus a 15 person, employees or 100 people. So what kind of transition to UC and results you see from this,

Unknown 11:24
it’s actually incredible, because when you’re talking about the workplace, whether it be, you know, a huge team of hundreds, or just a small group, we all have our own perceptions. The perception is how we filter our experiences based on our past experiences. So for example, whenever there is a disagreement or, or conflict in the workplace, amongst team members, it is almost always because of those individuals perceptions about the situation. And so what I love is helping folks, especially female executives, is helping them see your stress, but with your coworker, your your tension or disagreement there, it’s simply because there’s some sort of experience inside of us some sort of past hurt that simply hasn’t healed yet. And we help them become aware of that. And one of my life, I have to share this my like life mission, I’ve decided is to help the world understand that if we all understood more about perception, then taking offense wouldn’t happen anymore. Blaming and acting victimized wouldn’t happen anymore. And so in the workplace, when we realize, Oh, my gosh, this negative thing I see about this team member, it’s actually being triggered because of this experience, or this past thought, or this bad habit I had, maybe it’s from decades before, maybe it’s still going on right now. But when you understand is all about me, has nothing to do with them. Those relationships are so much calmer. And so I mean, obviously, I can’t go into a team and fix, you know, every single issue that maybe is going on in a day. But what I love to see is that I can help them over the course of a few months, simply change their awareness around how the relationships are working. And you see more productivity, you see more engaged folks in your workplace, you see them happier with their job, you see managers and bosses more supportive of their their team members underneath them, and helping them get to where they want to go. People are more open to share struggles or frustrations or even disagreements about projects, you know, that we’re working on and finding more creative solutions in a much faster and peace well, manner. And it’s, it’s incredible it have, you can do this in your own family as well, not just the workplace. But it’s really one of those things that you can apply anywhere in your life. And you’re going to see improvement.

Unknown 14:14
I love that. I think the perception thing is a big thing. I mean, a lot of people will say, you know, think of how they put yourself in their shoes, right? You hear that expression, but I think it’s more than that. It’s not just putting yourself in their experience, it’s more of a perception of, you know, how are they perceiving you, and how are you perceiving them?

Unknown 14:35

Unknown 14:37
yeah, tell us where we can reach you and how to get ahold of you to if they want someone to come you know you to come into their company or do it one on one?

Unknown 14:47
Oh, sure. Absolutely. You can reach me just on my website, Sarah Beth, I you can reach out to me there I have. In fact, I have an event coming up in January that I would love to see everyone out. It’s called illuminate. We talked all about this idea of awareness and perceptions with others. I think January 19 the day tab down but yeah, I’m I’m everywhere on Facebook and Instagram, social media, so anyone can reach out to me or Sarah at Sarah Beth. Stop. com. I would I would love to connect.

Unknown 15:24
Great. Well, we’ll put the links up there. And we’ll let people know in the show notes for the podcast as well. So thank you so much. Obviously today.

Unknown 15:34
Terrific. Yeah, you’re welcome. This is great. These are conversations that we need to be having more often. And so I’m glad to take part

Unknown 15:40
that’s so important. Start from the inside out. It works great and you’ll have a more peaceful lifestyle is the results you’ll feel better Absolutely. And find more success because you’ll be in the zone the good peaceful zone. So remember to subscribe to our podcast and if you want to be more organized and crush it, make sure you get the elite planner it has so many prompts. And it is totally changed my life. Jen and I have taken the best of the best of everything that we’ve studied and looked at and put it into this daily planner for you guys so you can meet you reach your goals and your successes. We’ll see you next time right here at elite expert insider podcast.

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If you’d like to create the most powerful advertising tool for your business, contact us at elite online publishing. com where we will help you create publish and make your book number one bestseller and show you how to get new leads and more revenue for your business. If you’d like to check us out on our Facebook page. We have a free book for you is our gift just go and click free book. Remember to subscribe and leave a comment for our podcast. We would love to hear from you.

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