Self-Publishing: What To Expect & How to Be Successful

January 29, 2021

Self-Publishing: What To Expect & How to Be Successful

By self-publishing, you have just created culture. You are no longer just a consumer absorbing every bit of information that comes your way. Making the switch to a creator will be a feeling that you will never want to get over. Self-publishing a book can also grant you a new degree of networking. There’s no better way to spread your name or business than by talking to people you have met through writing your book.

Listen, we get it: Self-publishing is a great way to get your book out into the world, but it can be a daunting process! Just the thought of creating something so meaningful and purposefully crafted can be intimidating, not to mention after all that time, you send it out to be seen by the world. It can seem like a headache if you do it alone. Thankfully, you’re not alone. Here are some tips to alleviate that stress, and help you succeed!

Preparation is Key

When you think of book publishing, you should think of Amazon. Amazon Inc. is the world’s largest book retailer, and has capitalized on the digital atmosphere of our daily lives with ebooks and audiobooks. We recommend new authors spend a generous amount of time scoping out all virtual platforms, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Look into the genre / sub-genre you would want to write in. What kind of cover art pops out on the screen? How does it translate to the paperback copy? Do the author bios catch your attention? Learn the environment you’re entering into.

Make Friends

Yes, writing tends to be a solitary activity, but rubbing elbows with other authors and professionals in the writing community can have some big perks. They may be willing to give you endorsements for your book or help get the word out. You’ll also want to make friends with the booksellers at your local independent bookstore and the librarians in your local library. These people are very influential when it comes to recommending your book to readers and helping you grow your audience. Book people are the best people, and it never hurts to know as many as possible.


No book is perfect, but editorial assistance can help you get a lot closer. There are a lot of different kinds of edits, so be sure you know which you need before you hire an editor. Developmental editors check your book for flow and consistency. They suggest revisions when something about the language doesn’t seem right. Copyeditors correct spelling mistakes and adjust grammar. Editors are necessary for the self-publishing process. Often overlooked, it is vital to have a professional editor review your book. One of the biggest criticisms of self-published books is their lack of editing.

Kindle Version

In addition to your printed version, you might consider offering a Kindle ebook for sale. The more formats you have (paperback, hardback, Kindle, etc), the more professional your book will look. The price to convert your book is a one-time cost, and Amazon makes it easy to sell your Kindle version. Amazon only sells Kindle ebooks; they do not sell iPad or Nook. You can create an iPad version of your book, but submitting to the iBookstore is difficult without assistance from a third-party aggregator.

Market Your Book

If you aren’t a major public figure, it’s unrealistic to think you can publish your book and the world will stumble upon it. Making sure your book metadata is as good as it can be is one way for people to discover your book organically online, but you still have to promote your book for it to succeed. You can do this via guerrilla marketing efforts, book reviews, book publicity, social media advertising, and so much more. Be sure to plan your book promotion and get a handle on your book marketing strategy before you publish your book for the best results.

Use calls to action in your book

Add a short form to the back of the book, or a few lines on the copyright page with payment and contact information will make it easy for buyers to purchase additional copies. 

There’s no better way of providing a sense of purpose than to have self-published a book. You know that if you can do that, then you can do anything. The world is open for you to conquer your next mission, and it could have something to do about what you wrote about or not. 

The book that you self-publish could be the start of a whole new career. Many people’s lives have changed completely just because of one book they self-published. They got rid of their old jobs that they felt stuck at, and they embraced everything that came from self-publishing.

At this point, what are you waiting for? Go and self-publish a book already! Better yet, Hire Elite Online Publishing to do the heavy lifting and self-publish the book for you. All of our authors become #1 Bestsellers.

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