National Bestselling author Shaunie Henderson

National Bestselling Author Shaunie Henderson Reaches #1 on the Charts with her book UNDEFEATED

June 25, 2024


#1 National Bestselling Author Shaunie Henderson Reaches #1 on the Charts with her book UNDEFEATED

Houston, TX– Tuesday, June 25, 2024 – Author Shaunie Henderson joined the ranks of bestselling authors on Amazon with her book Undefeated: Changing the Rules and Winning on My Own Terms, which was released Friday, May 7,  2024, by Gallery Books.

Shaunie Henderson Bestseller

Shaunie Henderson, the trailblazing media mogul and philanthropist, has once again broken new ground with her latest achievement. Her powerful memoir, Undefeated: Changing the Rules and Winning on My Own Terms, has soared to the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists, capturing the hearts and minds of readers worldwide. Known for her visionary leadership as the founder and CEO of Amirah, Inc., and the creative force behind the groundbreaking ‘Basketball Wives’ franchise, Henderson’s influence extends far beyond the screen. Her book offers a deeply personal and inspirational journey, providing readers with invaluable insights on love, parenting, and self-empowerment. With Undefeated, Henderson not only shares her own remarkable story of overcoming adversity and achieving greatness but also delivers a compelling guidebook for anyone looking to define their own path to success. This bestseller status is a testament to Henderson’s enduring impact and the powerful message she continues to spread through her work and philanthropy.

Shaunie, in collaboration with Elite Online Publishing, has achieved significant recognition by securing the #1 National Bestseller spot in the USA and ranking in the top 10 bestsellers in Australia. Notably, her book excelled in the Black & African American Biographies & Memoirs category, joining the ranks of esteemed authors such as Whoopi Goldberg, Glenn C. Loury, and Ross Gay. Additionally, Shaunie’s book reached the #6 position in the Rich & Famous People Biographies category in Australia.


Shaunie HendersonShaunie Henderson—wife, mother, entrepreneur, producer, and creator of the hit TV show Basketball Wives—opens up about finding love, offers advice for raising strong, smart, grounded Black children in today’s world, and reveals how to define your career and personal life by your own terms in this inspirational memoir.

Today, Shaunie Henderson is a force to be reckoned with—a TV personality, producer of multiple hit reality shows, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother of five children, First Lady of her husband’s church, and role model. But before she found her voice and her purpose, she was one more young woman trying to find her way as a partner, a parent, and a person.

In Undefeated, Henderson opens up about the struggles, heartbreaks, losses, and triumphs that have made her who she is today—stories that will inspire you to rise up, discover your strength and self-love, and be who you are meant to be. Featuring her relatable voice and filled with candor, Undefeated is so much more than a memoir—it is a stirring guidebook that will change your life for the better.


Shaunie HendersonABOUT THE AUTHOR
Shaunie Henderson, a pioneering media mogul and philanthropist, is the formidable founder and CEO of Amirah, Inc. Under her stewardship, Amirah produced the iconic ‘Basketball Wives’ franchise, rewriting the reality TV landscape. Her unwavering advocacy empowers people of color and women, ushering in a new era of diversity and economic independence in entertainment. Beyond the screen, Shaunie extends her impact through the Amirah Foundation, breaking barriers for women worldwide.

As a co-host of the ‘GroowZone’ podcast and an upcoming author, Shaunie continues to inspire and educate. Committed to family and community, she raises five children and shares her time between Houston and Los Angeles, where she and her husband, Pastor Keion Henderson, lead the Light House Church.

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