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Author Skylar James – Children’s Book – “Shadow of a Doubt”

February 3, 2016

Melanie Johnson &  co-host, Jenn Foster have a fun and in-depth interview with the guest of honor who is the author of the children’s book “Shadow of a Doubt,” Skylar James. The key points we cover in this interview are working with publishers, marketing, business etiquette such as interviews and book signings, content organization, public speaking and employment in writing. Skylar talks to us about her journey in writing and shows us how honest and well-disciplined she can really be as a writer and she also gives us a full explanation on her writing process that is different from most authors and gives tips for new writers as well as experienced writers. She has a strong passion for her work and we had the great pleasure of listening to her talk about her book.



Hot Chicks Write Hot Books Podcast Episode  #30 – This podcast is about about how to write, publish & market your book on Amazon.  Best selling authors answer your questions about becoming a best selling author, how to make money with your book and more.
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