The Publishing Process: Write, Publish And Market A Book

June 11, 2021

The Publishing Process: Write, Publish And Market A Book

We tell our authors if they are just starting with only an idea, using our system it takes about 6-8 months for a great book. Most authors are busy running a company and their lives. So our authors start with a VIP Book Creation Day to kick start their book. At Elite Online Publishing, the VIP Book Creation Day includes a pre-day phone/zoom call to start the process and set the expectations, one day of 1-on-1 private and exclusive coaching and implementation, in addition to two 30 minute 1-on-1 follow-up implementation calls. The results speak for themself! Our author’s books are 30-70% written after the VIP Day.

Dr. Laura Murillo, president of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, experienced our VIP Book Creation Day, and left with over 15,000 words written. Now that she’s begun her journey of becoming a Bestseller, the path is much smoother since her manuscript has already taken such a firm shape.

The next step is to start working with a publishing team to craft the title and subtitle. After we get all those details finalized, we design a beautiful book cover, and get your social media and publishing accounts all set up.

While this is happening, you will work with one of our book writing coaches and editors to write the rest of your book. Where the VIP Book Creation Day left off, our editors pick up – crossing T’s and dotting I’s. It’s not uncommon for your book to change from its original idea, but most of the content changes should be complete by the time you reach your editor, who helps with spelling, grammar, and overall book layout. This process can take anywhere from three to nine months, depending on how much of the meat of the manuscript you had created in advance.

Once the book is finished, the publisher will format the book in all the formats: eBook, paperback, hardback and audiobook. Proof copies will be sent so that you’re able to hold the book in your hands before it’s sent out to the world, and make any necessary changes. Then it’s book launch time!

A great publisher will guarantee you’ll hit Bestseller status on Amazon and WSJ/USA Today Bestseller list. We have done this for all of our authors at Elite Online Publishing, and are excited to start a book with you!


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