Author Tonja Oria Interview – Forgiveness Through Redemption

February 15, 2016

Author Tonja Oria Interview – Forgiveness Through Redemption Author Tonja Oria Interview Forgiveness Through Redemption.  Hot Chicks Write Hot Books Podcast Episode  #33   – Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster interview Best-Selling Author Tonja Oria about her new book Forgiveness through Redemption.  Her book inspires readers to forgive with LOVE in all things.  Tonja’s Story will inspire you to learn to forgive others as well as yourself.
Best selling authors answer questions about how to become a best selling author, how to make money with your book and more.
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Tonja Oria, author, successful entrepreneur, business owner and marketing consultant, is the Founder and President of TRO International, LLC, a parent company which operates several successful marketing websites. Tonja’s background of faith has taken her through many years of adversity and has been instrumental in helping her learn the principles of a God-centered lifestyle that she is passionate to share with others.

As Mrs. Texas 1996, Tonja had the privilege of working with Olympic Aid, UNICEF and various other organizations, helping them accomplish their global goals and initiatives. She went on to be a finalist at the Mrs. United States Pageant and winner of the Mrs. United States Photogenic Award. Philanthropy and giving back to the community has always been very important to Tonja and she continues to be actively involved in local and national charities.

A Native Texan, Tonja enjoys spending time with her son and daughter as well as her two beautiful grandchildren. With a deep appreciation for the arts, she enjoys a variety of music, loves to cook and has a passion for entertaining. As one who is motivated to live an active healthy lifestyle, she loves to travel and experience various cultures from around the world.
For more information about Tonja you can visit her website at

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