Trust In Your Potential To Change The World | with Karmel Larson

January 20, 2020

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview Karmel Larson, #1 bestselling author and entrepreneur. Karmel shares her tips to becoming a successful business person and overcoming limiting beliefs. Learn about Karmel’s plan to connect mothers all around the world and end the global childcare crisis.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to reach your business and personal goals.
  • New ways to think about entrepreneurship.
  • How to support mothers and families in need.
  • The power of a book—and how you can use authorship to grow your business and your brand.
  • Tuning into your story and struggles to make a difference.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • A new tool to connect with families and mothers in your community.


“I think the most important thing, first and foremost is to understand your why.” (7:07)
“You will have to have so much grit and so much self control and discipline and work ethic. You’ll have to overcome all these obstacles, and the only way to do that is if your why is more powerful than the pain that you’re suffering through to make something happen. ” (7:16)
“You have to really focus on your mind, your attitude, and removing limiting beliefs. You have to do a lot of brain work.” (7:35)
“If you’re an entrepreneur, you got to make it happen for yourself. You can’t blame anyone else. You have to have total control over your environment, you’re thinking, and your outcomes. There’s no one else to blame” (7:52)

About Karmel:

Mama Karmel is the co-founder of the Momni global movement, which aims to “link all moms everywhere.” She is passionate about being a “mama” and empowering other women to discover the strength and joy of motherhood. As a social worker, entrepreneur, and mother of eight children, she has spent decades promoting motherhood and lifting families through her service as a social worker; as president of American Mothers, Inc. of Utah Valley; director of the Utah County chapter of Parents Television Council; president of the Utah County chapter of Women for Decency; and county liaison for Citizens for Families. In 2007 she was selected as the Utah Valley Young Mother of the Year, and in 2009 she served as Mrs. Utah United States. As entrepreneurs, Karmel and her husband spent years co-creating musical and educational experiences as owners of Brigham Larson Pianos and Utah Piano Conservatory, and as founders of education cooperatives and a small hybrid school. Watch for her first book, soon to be available, Mama Grit.

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