Understanding Digital Marketing with Dylan Ogline

June 21, 2021

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Dylan Ogline about what you should be doing on social media for your business and personal brand. 

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to know what to focus on in the digital marketing space.
  • How to utilize Facebook ads and how to do it right.
  • How to know your worth.


“When we bring on a client, we tell them straight up expect in the first month to spend $1,000 or $10,000, and if you get 60 cents back on the dollar, we killed it.” (6:51)

“Very few people hit a home run when their first at bat, whether we’re talking about marketing, publishing a book, or starting a podcast, most people were absolutely terrible in the beginning. So Keep it, simple, and just continue to push on.” (12:15)

“The reason I started narrowing down my focus and narrowing down my niche, is because I thought it would make it more easier to sell, which it absolutely does, but the bigger factor I learned over time, is that you get better and better and better.” (18:25)

About Dylan Ogline:

Dylan Ogline is a high school dropout from a small country town in Pennsylvania. He started his first business when he was 14 selling cell phones. In 2016 he scrapped 10+ business projects and started focusing on one single thing, digital marketing. Tired from struggling getting no progress and working from his freezing basement, not to mention nearly a Million dollars in debt – it was an uphill climb. Turns out, focus was the key. 4 short years later he has built Ogline Digital into a 7-figure agency generating over a million in sales three years running.

Dylan is now a leading expert in direct response advertising and business growth. He has now turned his focus to helping other people start and grow their own hyper profitable digital agency. Dylan undoubtedly believes that anybody can start and build their own digital agency that will allow them to have more freedom and live a life with purpose and meaning. Dylan’s training programs are designed to take the guesswork out of building an agency and remove all of the unknowns that stop so many people from starting their own business.

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