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March 25, 2022

Video Marketing: It’s Taking Off!

One of this year’s top trends is expected to be video marketing, all experts agree that it will be particularly successful in book marketing. BookTok went viral and now places like Barnes and Noble have display tables showcasing all the popular books from TikTok. Recently agents have even been signing authors based on their following on video-heavy social media platforms, affecting not only the social media part of selling a book but the real-life stuff too!

The amount of online content people consume these days has drastically increased compared to even just last year. An average person is expected to spend 100 minutes per day just watching online videos. We’re not going to go into how this development in society might not be for the healthiest or for the best, because this is where we’re at for better or for worse. And if people are spending that much time watching online videos, you should take the opportunity and create some more content so that it’s your videos that they’re watching. 

What’s So Great About Video?

Videos tend to get people to pay attention. They catch people’s attention and often get them to stop scrolling through their feed to watch. Video can draw viewers in to see you and get to know you, to see your advertising, or simply just to focus on you which can allow them to build a sort of relationship with you. 

Videos are extremely easy to share and spread videos on social media. They play automatically, catching the viewers’ attention. If the video makes us laugh, feel nostalgic or part of a group, it’s very likely that we will share it with others. 

Videos help build relationships with the people who watch them. People will often feel like they are getting a glimpse of who you are, of your book, or even your company. That builds trust, and if they trust you they are much more likely to buy whatever you are selling. 

How Will This Help Me?

So how exactly is video going to affect your bottom line? Video is proven to increase conversions, so even though people may not open an email from you or read a blog about your book, a video will likely entice them to stop for a few minutes, and listen about you or your book. Even those few seconds of video are proven to boost sales.

With videos we invite viewers to sit back and relax as we spoon feed them our ads and information about our book. It’s a situation in which the viewer uses less brainpower, and we, in turn, have the time to build trust and convert those viewers into buyers. 


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