Unlock The Secrets To Mutual Success – Book Release A Win Won Situation

February 8, 2024

We are excited to announce the new book by Reggie Gray, A Win-Won Situation: What I Need – What Others Need. 

TODAY ONLY, the Kindle eBook is only $2.99. Head over to Amazon and order your eBook for yourself or a friend! Hurry before it returns to the regular price.

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In A Win Won Situation, Reggie Gray embarks on a profound exploration of personal development, interweaving his life experiences with insightful lessons on building successful and synergistic relationships.

WIN WON comes from what Reggie puts into practice in his business and personal relationships.  WHAT I NEED – WHAT OTHERS NEED 

Through engaging chapters filled with personal accounts deeply woven with important life lessons, Reggie imparts wisdom gained from his unique blend of experiences. He challenges the reader to rethink conventional notions of success and relationship building, offering a fresh perspective on how to lead a more fulfilling life. This book is not just another motivational read. It is a call to action, inviting readers to scrutinize the motives behind the self-help industry and to seek authenticity in their personal growth journeys.

Perfect for anyone at a crossroads in their personal and professional relationships, A Win Won Situation is a guide for those who seek to live a meaningful last third of their life, leaving behind a legacy of collaboration, success, and genuine connection.


Reggie Gray is the President of the Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce.  He has been in this role for 16 years; been active in the Houston area for over 25 years. Gray has served on numerous area boards and received numerous awards from those area organizations for his commitment and service to Houston-area communities. Previous to the Chamber, he was a Vice President of Marketing in the real estate management and development industry and Vice President of Business Development for an international logistics corporation. 

His projects and positions have taken him throughout the U.S. and to nearly 60 countries world-wide where he has collaborated with a variety of industries, corporate executives, international leaders, and royalty. Gray has received awards of designation, appreciation and partnerships from numerous countries such as Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Malta, China, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Monaco, and Panama.

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