Writing a Book Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Writing a Book Can Increase Your Bottom Line

September 14, 2018

You may struggle in attracting new and or loyal customers as a small business owner.  This can be a challenge, especially in the beginning.  Of the many ways to market your business and products or services, there is one that will also assist you in achieving a connection with your community by sharing your thoughts and experiences with them in your very own book.

It doesn’t have to be a 400-page novel about your business. It need only be relevant enough to engage your intended readers. It can be a self-help on entrepreneurship or a memoir about your journey to where you are today. Either, can build trust and encourage more authentic connections with your audience.  Here’s a quick version of everything you need to know.

How to publish your book

Before starting your book, first consider your subject carefully.  Is there a gap in your industry that you would like to fill? Do you have a specific point you to make? Are you telling your story or teaching a lesson?  Whatever the answer, be sure it’s something you’re passionate about. That will keep you writing when the writing gets tough.  It’s important to write on a topic you know well and about which you feel you have wisdom to share. Making your book personal can add an authenticity that makes the message more powerful.

Writing a book is no easy feat, but if you approach it one chapter at a time, it won’t feel so daunting. Set realistic goals for each week and hold yourself accountable to meeting them. Once you dive in, you might even find yourself doing even more than you expected.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) do this alone.  You will want to ask for advice from other writers or publishers and you may also want to hire an editor. This may even be an endeavor you want to collaborate on with another writer in the same or another complimentary industry. All these options can assist you in the process.  It’s important you enjoy the entire process, not just the idea of having a book published and seeing your business thrive from it.  If you dread the hard work you’re putting in each day, it shows in your writing.

Having an expert such as a publisher and/or and editor is quite helpful, especially in building the structure for the book’s content.  It’s helpful to have someone to spark ideas about what readers might find most useful and interesting about the topic you’ve spent years understanding.”

The editing stage can be grueling, and it could mean taking months going over the same chapters. For this reason, it’s crucial to have a second pair of eyes look over your work.  It’s easy to miss errors or become attached to work you’ve spent months, even years, on. A good editor can give you the polished, professional result that will best represent your business.

When you feel your book is ready to be read, you can either self-publish or find an agent and/or publisher to represent you and your story.  The experience, expertise, and support of an established publisher can be invaluable. The best of both worlds can be employing a publishing company like ours that assists you in the process of self-publishing so you retain all the rights to your finished work.

How it can build your business

Your experience writing can build on your own ideas as you prepare to share those lessons with your audience. Writing can inspire your unprecedented growth in your life and perfect your ability to explain the benefits of your business to others.

Your book will become an example of how much you love what you do.  It will ultimately raise your profile as a business leader in your industry, establishing you as an expert in a particular field or on a specific topic.  This builds trust in your business as well as your professional and personal connections with clients. People do business with people they know like and trust.


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