Writing as a Business Tool with Author Steven Pivnik

May 2, 2024

Join Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, as they interview author Steven Pivnik. Learn the reasons that prompted him to write a book, starting from a motivational keynote at an IT trade show to his aspirations of climbing the corporate and literal mountains, including the Ironman World Championship and his future endeavors towards Mount Everest.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Writing Process and Challenges

  • Utilizing the Book in Business

  • Importance of Blogging


“I’m a big believer in surrounding myself with people that have been there, done that, depending on whether it’s, you know, sports or business or health, you know, all of the above.” (02:33)

“Yeah, I did a lot of promotion way before the publishing date of the book. You know, I told everybody I have a large following on LinkedIn, as well as, you know, Instagram and Facebook. I made sure that everybody knew that the project was underway.” (08:17)

“Definitely do it. Stop thinking about it and just start the process. There’s just, there’s a lot to learn. So there’s, the Internet is chock full of ideas of different ways to actually write it, different ways to publish it, and there’s just pros and cons to everything.” (13:20)

About Steven Pivnik:

Steven Pivnik is a sought-after keynote speaker, best-selling author, business advisor, and serial entrepreneur specializing in the Information Technology market. He grew his last company, Binary Tree, to over 200 employees across twelve countries before a successful exit to a 4-billion-dollar competitor, Quest Software.

When he’s not on the keynote stage or climbing one of the seven summits, Steven advises other founders and entrepreneurs looking for a similar corporate growth and company sale journey. To achieve success, whether in business or in life, it takes more than just skills and resources. You need a focused, determined mindset and unwavering commitment to finishing. For Steven, this mindset has been the key to his legendary success and continues to drive him to new heights.

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