3 Ways to Write a Book FAST

August 11, 2020

Article by writer Alisha Holt

Bestselling authors Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster explain you don’t have to be a writer to write a book.

Learn 3 ways to get your book done.

Not a writer? Don’t know where to start? Not a good speller? No Problem! Here’s how to make it happen right now.

Repurpose Your Content

Your newsletters, blog, social media posts, even the content on your website, already have enough content for a book. Choose your favorite entries, then create a new intro, add an innovative conclusion, and scatter in a few original new comments. Each of those posts becomes a chapter. Add some photos over the weekend and be published in less than thirty days. Remember, book readers have a broader topic preference than blog or newsletter readers.

The Book Writing Fast Pass is a step by step system to writing a book in less than thirty days. Melanie & Jenn created the chapters from their podcast, “Hot Chicks Write Hot Books.” The top 15 podcasts, some original content specifically for the book, and it’s done!

Interview Experts

Justine Gronwald helps people find a great attorney in her book Lawyer Up! What better way to figure out how to do that than ask the experts? She contacted seven attorneys who each wrote a chapter. Now, they promote the book to their clients and her audience grew seven-fold!

10 x 3 x 3

Our Secret Formula!

  • Top 10 FAQ or SAQ (SHOULD ask questions) for your business
  • 1-3 short stories
  • 3 points for each story

Melanie offers her Dominican Republic Villa for writing retreats and vacationing renters. She answers the FAQ about what the price includes followed by a story. “Imagine an hour before breakfast, you hear your personal chef tinkering in the kitchen. The aroma of Dominican coffee soon wafts into your room bringing you fully awake. As you wander to your private terrace overlooking the pool, fresh fruit and warm croissants wait for you, making your mouth water. When you’ve finished eating…someone ELSE cleans up! The point is all-inclusive means the royal treatment. Such an easy system!


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