[Book Release] Gotcha: Cold Case by Brad Schlerf

October 18, 2022

We are excited to announce the new book by Brad Schlerf,
Gotcha Cold Case: True Crime Stories from the Detectives Who Solved It.

TODAY ONLY, the Kindle eBook is only 99 cents. Head over to Amazon and order your eBook for yourself or a friend! Hurry before the price goes back to the regular price.

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Gotcha: Cold Case is the first in a three-book series following the real-life career of Brad Schlerf, a perceptive and witty detective from Florida whose whole life has been dedicated to community and service.

As Brad’s detective career in Junction City, Kansas unfolds, so do the Cold Cases featured in this book. Join him on his journey that spans over 20 years to work through the crimes of one criminal family. 

A nail-biting emotional rollercoaster with an immersive writing style that will leave you needing to know how it all ends, Cold Case explores the trauma of death and the anguish of cases going cold. Leads for the case can be found in the most unexpected places, and sometimes come from nowhere. Rest assured we will solve these crimes, and we are taking you, the reader, with us as it all unfolds.

All of the crimes in this book are true cases. The characters’ names have been changed to protect the officers’ private lives and to refuse any undeserved notoriety for the criminals involved.


Brad Schlerf is an American Army veteran, retired police detective, and author. The son of a volunteer EMT and firefighter, Brad began his public service at an early age by becoming a volunteer firefighter himself at age 14 and an EMT at 15. He served in the US Army for eight years. After returning from his tours, Brad took a position with the local police department in Junction City, Kansas, and from there became a detective with the Manhattan Police Department in Riley County, Kansas. Here, working with a team of nerds, lawyers, judges, white hat hackers, and officers, Brad was involved in the initial stages of what is now Computer Forensics. 

After retirement, Brad developed his own company, Forensic Solutions Inc. His investigations with FSI have been featured on 48 Hours, True Crime TV, A&E’s Dead Again, NBC, Discovery Channel’s Killing Fields, and several journals. Brad is the author of the Gotcha book series, a True Crime trilogy based on real homicides and Cold Cases that he helped solve during his career as a detective. 

Brad is married and the father of three beautiful children. Brad continues to hope this world will see past the issues of color and hate and realize we are all in this together as ONE race: Human.

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