Organizing Your Sales Using CRM with Jeroen Corthout

October 17, 2022

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Jeroen Corthout about how to organize your sales using a CRM tool called Salesflare. 

Listen Below:

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to use a CRM.
  • How to close people in sales.
  • How to use CRM as a solo entrepreneur.


“Know when to follow up, organize yourself so that you follow up at the right times so that you don’t forget about customers, otherwise you will disappoint them.” (07:54)

“Really figure out first what you need. Then do some Googling around and and see which CRM solves your issue. Then make sure that your team likes using it, because if they don’t feel good about it, then you’ll be paying for a CRM that goes unused.” (13:28)

“This doesn’t have to be a huge discussion but there needs to be some discussion. You need to plan things together, look at things together, a lot of businesses skip that.” (14:49)

About Jeroen Corthout:

Jeroen Corthout is the co-founder of Salesflare, a simple but powerful CRM that automates updating your data so you don’t have to. Jeroen had to use a CRM system in his job and hated how much effort it took to keep everything up to date. And if you didn’t, your CRM quickly became useless.

He also realized that a lot of salespeople tracked deals outside of the CRM because they didn’t want to be hassled by management until the deal was further along. He came up with the idea of a sales tool that could build off the data that was already there, make better use of automation and rely less on people having to manually update information. He built it not as a replacement but as an extension for a CRM application.

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